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Top Five Benefits of Pursuing an Accounting Degree

One of the hardest questions that most students find it hard to answer now more than any other time in history is, “What degree would you like to pursue in college?” You might probably be asking the same question now, either for yourself, your child or a friend of yours and no better solution is forthcoming.

You need not scratch your head anymore because here are five good reasons to consider a bachelor’s or master’s degree in accounting:

1. Work in Any Industry in the World

An accounting degree prepares you to work in a variety of modern business application areas across the world, starting from companies, educational institutions, hospitals and even in financial markets. An accounting degree is relevant to practically all industries and therefore it will allow you to work in whatever industry you are interested in. This means that accountants are always in demand and you can be assured of a fantastic job once you have completed college, and hence no anxiety about unemployment.

2. It’s a Financially Rewarding Career

Accountants do not just get a good pay, but an excellent one, even at the entry level. The annual pay of the average accountant usually ranges from $53,000 to $60,000 which is a better amount compared to a majority of other university graduates in different fields. The figures are subject to increment since you gain more experience with time and a majority of firms pay their employees’ salaries based on their level of experience. This thus ensures that your efforts are adequately rewarded as you grow in your professional field.

3. Real Life Application

The accounting profession will always stand to be required for as long as money moves around the world. It will always be competitive in the job market and is unlikely to expire anytime soon because every organization requires someone to manage its finances and keep its books in check. This assures you that if you pursue an accounting degree, you will always be able to beat your colleagues when it comes to job search and retention because there will be no point in time that your services will not be needed by organizations.

4. An Excellent Launch Pad to Other Fields in Business

Studying accountancy and working with accounting open your experience in a wide array of other fields making it easy for you to transition to other areas if you wish. Such areas of practice include loan officer, financial planner and analyst. This thus increases your opportunities for growth and success in your career prospects. It also acts as a perfect training ground for your entrepreneurial skills and as you aim at being your own boss, you are better equipped to manage the finances of your company in a better way.

5. Accountancy is a Growing Industry

Statistics predict that the employment opportunities for auditors and accountants will grow by 18% in the coming years which is greater than the average for all other occupations. This is according to the department of Labor Bureau in the United States. As an accountant, you will be able to benefit from this rapidly growing career field. Enroll today for an accounting degree in an accredited college or university and you can be sure never to regret your career choice in the future.

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