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Where to Find Cheap Textbooks Online

As much of consumer trade is moving online, it can be tough to know where you’re getting the best deal. The campus bookstore no longer has a lock on the market. A large proportion of textbooks are now bought and sold in cyberspace. So, how can you figure out which website will give you the most bang for your buck? You don’t have to search through each one yourself. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular cost-cutting options.


This website is growing in student popularity because it allows you to compare the prices offered at many of the other widely used textbook websites (including shipping costs). Also, BigWords handles many of your entertainment needs as well, selling movies, music, and video games.


While they also buy and sell used textbooks, Amazon has become a student favorite for buying new textbooks. Plus, college students get a free year of Amazon Prime access, so they can get their books shipped to their door in two days with no extra cost. Amazon has also recently begun renting textbooks.


Chegg is not only a hub for textbooks, it offers a wide variety of student resources, such as career evaluations and study sheets. With this and the website’s three-week satisfaction guarantee, it isn’t hard to see why Chegg has made its way to the top of the textbook market.


Part of the appeal of Half.com is that it allows users to search for books by condition. So, if you don’t mind having a textbook that is a little scuffed up, you can buy it for a fraction of the price of a brand new book. The website is also praised for its generous buyback opportunities.


BookFinder’s minimalistic approach to web design makes it user-friendly while allowing patrons to find what they’re looking for with ease. The website has become a favorite among book collectors, as well as college students, for its vast collection of title. Like BigWords, BookFinder allows you to compare prices of other textbook websites to ensure that you’re getting the best deal.


While almost all textbook websites have catered to the growing desire for renting textbooks, CampusBookRentals specializes in it, offering low prices and flexible return policies. Students have a window in which to return their book, and shipping costs are completely covered by the website. CampusBookRentals also allows students the option to purchase the books they rent, should they choose to hang on to them.


Because it has so many sellers, this website typically has the best chance of giving buyers the lowest price. Anyone who enjoys reading would enjoy browsing the database at AbeBooks, which contains most books that are currently in print, and some that are no longer being produced. Most texts that a professor will throw at you can be found on this website.

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