Top 9 IT Security Courses

IT security courses, cyber security, cyber security course

IT security courses, cyber security, cyber security course


5. Certified Information Systems Auditor Course

This is a globally recognized certification for professionals in Information audit assurance, control, and security. This IT security course equips the learner with skills and knowledge in auditing, assessing vulnerabilities, controlling institutes and reporting on compliance for their businesses. The course is ideal for candidates with at least 5 years of working experience in areas of auditing, assurance, control, and information systems security. It comes with a CISA exam of 200 questions meant to last 4 hours. The passing mark for the course is 450. The CISA course also comes with self-study materials such as job practice, prep resources, glossary, and terminology.

IT security courses, cyber security, cyber security course


4. Certified Ethical Hacker Course

This cyber security course is offered by the EC-Council. The Council is a membership organization that offers certifications in many information security and e-business skills. Among the course offered at the EC-Council, the Certified Ethical Thinker is the most commonly used certification. This course comprehensively covers Information Systems Security Auditing and Ethical Hacking programs. If you to be acquainted with emerging IT security threats, hacking technique demonstrations, advanced attack vectors and security measure to curb hacking, this is the perfect course for you.

To get accepted for this course, candidates must have a minimum of two years experience in the information security field. The Certified Ethical Hacker examination consists of 125 questions sat for 4 hours with a pass mark of 70%. Non-refundable Exam registration will cost you $100 and the actual test will cost $500. The Exam is administered by Prometric Prime. You can choose to do the course on your own at the cost of $664 or have an instructor to guide you for $2,895.

IT security courses, cyber security, cyber security course

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3. Certified Security Analyst Course

This is an advanced version of the ethical hacking certification course. If you want skills in analyzing the outcomes of hacking tools, take this course. It gives you the knowledge to make assessments and mitigate any risks to information security using creative network penetration. This IT security course is well suited for professionals who are System administrators, information security testers, risk assessment specialists, firewall administrators or Network server administrators. Before taking the course, the candidates must have worked in information security for a minimum of two years. For those who don’t meet this criterion, they will have to attend an official training prior to the course commencement. The examination for Certified Security Analyst course has 150 questions to be completed in 4 hours. The passing score is 70%. The exam will cost a total of $600 which includes $100 non-refundable registration fee. Self-study model for the course will cost you $559.65 while the services of an instructor will cost $ 2,889.

2. CompTIA Security+ Certification Course

CompTIA is a well-known provider of IT security certifications and exams in networking, PC and mobile support, cloud, Linux and much more. The CompTIA Security+ Certification course is one of the main courses offered by this organization. It is meant to equip learners with skills in cyber security. Individuals interested in this course must have two or more years of experience in IT security administration. You are encouraged to take a course for Network certification before you take this Security Certification course. This course has a certification exam of 90 questions to be done within 90 minutes. The exam will cost you about $302.

IT security courses, cyber security, cyber security course

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1. Certified Wireless Security Professional

This is a professional level LAN course. It equips learners with skills to help them secure Wi-Fi from hacking without solely relying on the Wi-Fi brand. The course is offered by CWNP, an organization that focuses on Wi-Fi certification training. To apply for this course, you need to have a valid and up to date Wireless Network Administrator certification. Once trained, you will sit a CWSP – 205 exams. It has 60 questions to be tackled in 90 minutes with a passing score of 70% for professionals and 80%for instructors. The exam will cost you about $225.


Understanding how to manage cyber security has become an essential skill today. Whether you want to secure your own PC or get a job at an organization, it is important to be well certified in the area of your specialization. There are varied IT security courses offered by different organizations. It is important that you understand the requirements so that you can take a course within your operational area. The outlined courses above give you an overview of prerequisites for each course as well as who can take it. It also shows the cost as well as the type of tests you will encounter. Be well informed as you prepare to take that vital cyber security course.

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