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Outsourcing Your Call Center

It’s a big decision whether or not to outsource your call center, and while the move can sometimes be seen negatively, there are positives as well. To help you make this touch decision, here are some pros and cons for you to consider.


  • Experienced Employees: Outsourcing means lending giving your call center to experienced workers who know how to deal with customers over the phone. This can be very helpful for your company, as there is no time lost or resources lost in training people or hiring the wrong people. Instead, you get a dedicated team that can step in right away.
  • Language Barriers: Outsourcing your call center can allow you to break the language barrier if you have customers who speak primarily in another language. You can choose where to place your call center in the world based on where the majority of your international customers are based.
  • Monitoring Abilities: It can be difficult to monitor calls when you have a call center in-house, but outsourcing lets you use enhanced monitoring systems so you can listen to calls in real time and get a succinct, accurate idea of how exactly calls are being taken by your company.
  • Uptime and Volume: How many calls can your company realistically handle and take day-to-day? A call center can make hundreds of calls per hour and talk with multiple people at the same time. Also, if you outsource your call center, it’s possible that you will be able to keep it running 24 hours a day, instead of just taking calls during business hours.


  • Lack of Company Knowledge: It’s possible that outsourcing your call center will result in the employees dialing and receiving calls for your company not having much if any knowledge about that same company. It’s possible that they won’t be able to answer company specific questions in a manner that will satisfy you, especially if you’re mostly used to in-house calling and customer service.
  • No Connectedness Within Departments: It’s possible that there won’t be a cohesiveness between departments and that customers may become frustrated with the lack of unity that your team showcases, as it can be difficult getting everyone on the same page. 
  • Lower Customer Satisfaction: The two entries above can combine to equal one of the true death knells of any business and that’s low customer satisfaction. If you take pride in what you do (and really, what company doesn’t?) then you’ll want customers to have the same level of pride in both your product and in dealing with your customer service team.
  • Security and Privacy: If your company deals in information that you or your customers and clients consider top secret, then you risk information getting into the wrong hands by putting more people in charge of it. It’s also possible that you aren’t able to control what’s said or done in the outsourced call center, and someone there has the chance of violating security protocol.

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