IT Security Service Review: FireEye

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The NX Appliances

The FireEye NX appliance has virtual machines running within them; these virtual machines detect and prevent any advanced malware that reaches them; these virtual machines protect the device from any form of malware. The FireEye NX appliance runs at a high speed of 4Gbps when running in inline mode and at 9Gbps when running in tap mode at all conditions. These NX appliances will complement and improve the performance of the current network security gear by stopping any form of advanced malware from passing through the network system.


FireEye offers excellent customer relationship through their Intel Centre.
The FireEye products and services are constantly updated to keep track of new forms of threats.
The new NX appliances provide extra and excellent multi-stage malware detection to the network system.
The FireEye products offer reliable and high-performance operations.


Operation and running of FireEye products and appliances Requires technical know how.
A network system requires all the three levels – Advanced Threat Intelligence Plus (ATI+), Advanced Threat Intelligence (ATI) and the Dynamic Threat Intelligence (DTI)- for optimum results.

it security, it security intelligence, it security consulting



FireEye, through its acquisitions, has added a lot of material to its knowledge base and this has improved the company’s products and services in the cybersecurity sector. Their powerful IT Security Consulting policy has enabled many users to understand how their products work and this has greatly improved the users’ IT security intelligence. They have also offered a very effective platform for gathering and analyzing information concerning cyber threats in various network and computer systems.

FireEye also offers constant updates on their products and services based on the most recent findings from their extensive research. These constant updates which occur after every one hour offer more improved and effective malware detection and prevention measures. Their analysis of 40000 malware samples as well over a billion non-malware events offers great and valuable information and how to curb new and emerging malware programs and online threats.

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