How to Find Insurance Quotes

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Identifying suitable, affordable, and efficient auto insurance quotes is no walk in the park. Comparing quotes before making the optimal decision is important as it helps you settle on the best quote in the event that different companies are offering different quotes for similar policies. Online insurance comparison sites make the comparison process a lot easier. 

By entering your zip code, vehicle model, occupation, and driving history, auto insurance company websites are able to provide a list of suitable policies and their rates. Some comparison sites use this information to present you with quotes to compare from the listed providers.

So, how do auto quote comparison sites work?

There are two basic types of auto insurance quote comparison sites: quote comparison sites and lead generation sites. 

Auto quote comparison sites will provide the client with personalized rates, policy options, and any available discounts. In the event that a client settles on a suitable quote from the given options, the site relays the information to the identified insurance company or agent to finalize the transaction. These can be further subdivided into real-time quotation sites and estimation sites. Real-time sites give the foregoing rates and are therefore preferable.

Lead generation sites, as the name suggests, provide leads to agents and insurance companies by selling out your details and information. The insurance company and agents will then follow up with you to try to convince you to acquire their policy.

Lead Generation Sites

As explained earlier, these sites are created with an intent of trading basic details and information on insurance prospective clients to external insurance companies and agents. Lead generation sites use incentives including low quotes and attractive rates to attract prospects. In most cases, they redirect you to agencies and insurance company sites that match you to suitable policies.

However, some generation sites are very productive and will yield competitive quotes. Below are examples of lead generation sites and how they work. is an unofficial site that provides a platform for drivers to access services provided by the local department of motor vehicles. Apart from acting as a lead generator site, the site also facilitates vehicle registration renewal and driver’s license renewal. The site contains important information on various policies, their coverage, optional coverage, insurance plans, rates, and discount among other sensible information. It also happens to have an effective insurance quoting engine. primarily provides its visitors with a link to sites that provide you with quotes.


This is a comparison tool that quotes various types of insurance, including auto insurance, life insurance, homeowners insurance, and others. The site also contains articles providing sensible auto insurance contents.

InsuranceQuotes will take your basic information and details, and then redirects you to links and sites that contain information on quotes that possibly suit you. The site requires you accept a set of terms and conditions that allow it to share your information with insurance companies and agencies.


SmartFinancial provides quotes for various types of insurance, including auto insurance, home insurance, and life insurance. The site works like the sites stated above and is suitable in helping the user sort the results according to low price quotes, local agents, and low down payments.


ValuePenguin is quite different from the rest, as it primarily offers financial services. However, it works as a lead generation site by redirecting the user to insurance quotes comparison website links.

Other sites include:
Quote Wizard, Everquote, and Netquote.

On That Note

Online comparison sites are very useful as they allow you to skip middlemen, let you choose the preferable coverage and company, and help you shop wisely. Some methods may come at the expense of your privacy and may end up leading spammers to your doorstep. Only access trusted sites that guarantee safe results and privacy.

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