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Benefits of Data Recovery Services

Nowadays, computers are increasingly important for business as they become the principal way in which companies do their daily work. Thus mass data and valuable customer information can be disastrous for companies. Data recovery services…

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The Top 9 IT Security Devices

If you are working with a tablet or a Smartphone, it’s critical that your data is safe. This is especially important when you are on the move. Any unprotected device that holds your data is…

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What is Malware?

Malware is the shorter and more popular name of “malicious software,” which is a software or computer program specially created to inflict harm to a computer in more ways than one and right under the…

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Answering Service Review: AnswerConnect

Being professional is a crucial part of offering excellent customer care. After a single online chat or phone call, your clients should feel very satisfied that a proficient, helpful staff guided them in every way…

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The Most Affordable Video Conferencing Solutions

We live in the digital age and everything is electronic. From our alarm clocks, to our newspapers, technology is pretty important. You can do anything from your phone; record your favorite shows, collect Pokemon, and…

Enterprise Password Management

Enterprise Password Management

Enterprises which require end-users to have strong password should realize that this security policy is still not fully effective. There is a big possibility that a user may not comply with such policy. Additionally, they…

Business Video Conferencing Systems

Top Business Video Conferencing Systems 2018

Business video conferencing systems let you hold collaborative conversations or meetings with your business partners, staff, and/or clients remotely. The market offers an array of systems, making it hard to cherry-pick the best from the rest….

Managed hybrid cloud computing security solutions

Managed Hybrid Cloud Computing Security Solutions

According to a 2016 report by RightScale, 71% of companies make use of hybrid cloud computing services, while only 6% use private cloud services exclusively. Managed hybrid cloud computing security solutions make use of both public…