Enterprise Password Management

Enterprise Password Management

Enterprises which require end-users to have strong password should realize that this security policy is still not fully effective. There is a big possibility that a user may not comply with such policy. Additionally, they may go against it by choosing a simple password. The bigger problem is that the support staff in the IT section will have to constantly help users when they can’t remember the strong passwords. Luckily, enterprise password management offers an effective solution.

About Enterprise Password Management

The password manager helps users create strong passwords and schedules time for password changes. It includes the administrator’s console that controls passwords and key access to different services that the company offers. Enterprise password management tools have the capability of working across different operating systems as well as mobile devices. Some of the top password management tools include:

The Centrify Enterprise

This security toolkit tracks password-authentication attempts, logs any attempted break-in, monitors valid logins, tracks user activity, and reports any unusual activity. In case Centrify Enterprise detects any suspicious activity, it captures a video of the activity. Centrify can audit or track activities on platforms such as Linux, Windows, and UNIX. Additionally, it can also generate a user’s report per session based on the roles that they play within the company. Basically, you can get the overall summary of all the users that are currently logged in on the whole enterprise.


LastPass Enterprise

The major benefit of using LastPass enterprise, especially in organizations that have to adhere to strict compliance-regulations and maintain high data integrity, is that its password data is inaccessible to even the administrators. It supports unique browsers such as Dolphin, which is accessible from mobile devices. Simultaneously, it can use authentication mediums that are multi-factored. The app has the capability of warning end-users about passwords that are weak. However, it can also manage employee off-boarding and on-boarding. All the while, it is supporting policies such as restricting access to a certain platform on a mobile device.


RoboForm Console

RoboForm’s enterprise-grade is a version that contains site license for storing and managing all the passwords in a company. It also consists of a full console for the administrator who manages departments and users. Note that the admin’s console may generate passwords for a specific duration of time before the passwords expire. Alternatively, it can generate a single group of passwords used to track activity in a specific department. If using group-password, an end-user in a department will not know the details of the password and will only log in as part of the group. Note that an admin using the RoboForm Console may set-up a reset policy for passwords. Such reset policy can be deployed through SMS to a smartphone. This enterprise password management app contains extensions used with Firefox, Chrome, and IE.


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