Email Marketing Etiquette

email marketing etiquette

Email is the fastest way to reach potential customers efficiently and effectively. Because of this, we are tempted to send emails to more clients about the products that we sell without giving thought on how to properly address the consumers. Sending more emails may be a good email marketing strategy but we must follow a certain email marketing etiquette so we can gain the consumers’ trust and decrease the amount of irate customers who want to unsubscribe from the website. Here are some basic rules to follow that would help you create perfect emails for your clients.

Basic Email Marketing Etiquette

Email the Customer with a Personal Touch

Automated emails or emails that speak to the general public don’t seem to get a great response from clients because they feel as if the computer is talking to them. However, writing your emails by using personal pronouns like ‘you’, ‘your’, and ‘I’ would give you a more affirmative reply from the customer.

Add an Unsubscribe Link or Button to Establish Trust

Show your potential customer that you are not deceiving them and robbing them of their money. Show them the exit sign, which lets them know that they can always leave when they think you are invading their privacy. This is a formal and yet effective way to earn your trust and may also lead to more long term subscribers for the website.

To Click-Bait, or Not to Click-Bait

Exaggerated words or phrases might indeed give your customers the attention you crave but make sure you make them feel excited up to the last sentence of your email. Otherwise, get ready for a mob with pitchforks and torches who are ready to burn you alive. Make sure you properly analyze your email and don’t give them promises you can’t keep. Give them information about your product that they can easily digest. A subtle approach is more likely to receive a positive response.

Different People, Different Interests

Sending emails to everybody might be free and easy but, a word of advice, don’t just send everyone everything that you want to sell to your recipients. This would surely lead to a loss of a client and unsubscription. Send a questionnaire so that the client might fill out the items he or she is interested in; you can send relevant emails in the future.

Be Professional, Polite, and Respectful

Remember that when you send a customer or client an email, it reflects you and your company. Imagine you are a door-to-door sales representative selling the latest vacuum cleaner available in the market. If you look ghastly with your clothes already sweaty from all those houses you’ve been to, chances are you wouldn’t even be permitted to get in the house. If you don’t even have respect for yourself, how else would you show respect to others? Whatever you’re selling to your potential customers, be sure to show them you are a respectable person. This is what email marketing etiquette is all about.

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