Business Intelligence Data Analytic Tools

Companies like Google and Amazon are successful in using intelligence data analytic products. The term business intelligence(BI) represents the technologies,   applications, tools, systems and software that used for finding, gathering, aggregating and analyzing information for decision-making. With the right business intelligence tools, companies can analyze and take control of the data or information they need. You may wondering why some big enterprises like Google or Apple lead the market and know what their customers want? The answer is business intelligence.

To run a business in nowadays, data analyse is essential. There are many different types of business intelligence data analytic tools. Let’s explore the leading ones of the year and see how you can use them to grow your business.


AnsweDock is an AI-driven analytics solution designed to help businesses of all sizes from startups to developing companies. It provides answers to business users’ questions. With AnswerDock, it is no longer needed to waste time in market research and data analysts. All you need to do is typing your questions and AnswerDock will give you all the data you need in seconds. There is a free version, and free trial offered by AnsweDock.


Looker is one of the most popular business intelligence softwares of 2019. With it’s cloud-based big data analytics platform, users can easily get, analyze and share the data they need from multiple resources. It is a great tool for business teams. You can use it to analyze supply chains and market trend. The software is highly flexible in many fields. Such as e-commerce, education, finance and healthcare.


Sisense is a professional business intelligence data analytic tool. It provides effective reporting, comprehensive analysis of data, statistics and analysis methods. Users can prepare, analyze, and visualize complex data from multiple sources. Sisense allows users to turn data into quality insights and share them with others. You can export your data to Excel, CSV and PDF Images to share with your colleagues or clients. Sisence can be used for any business size, ranging from small business to big enterprises.


Tableau is a powerful Business Intelligence data analytic tool. It helps in simplifying raw data into simple words. The software is easy to operate. So you don’t need to worry about your programming skills. The Tableau Product Suite consists of Tableau Desktop, Tableau Public, Tableau Online, Tableau Server and Tableau Reader. There are two parts of data analytics in tableau:developer tools and sharing tools. You can use Tableau Desktop to code and customize reports. Tableau server is used to share data. Tableau Reader is a free tool which allows users to view the workbooks. Data analysis is very fast with Tableau.

Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics is an online reporting and business intelligence data analytic tool. Zoho Analytics integrates data from different Zoho applications and third-party applications. You can get any data you need and make reports easily from Zoho Analytic. The data update automatically everyday. So you can always have the newest data in your hand at the first time. Zoho Analytics has launched a new forecasting feature that allows users to accurately predict future trends based on the data already have. Zoho Analytics can be used in marketing, sales, finance and operations.

This is the age of big data. Big data technology is no longer a trial and experience for enterprises, but an important part of their business development. Any business can take great advantage from data analysis. Business intelligence solutions are turning billions of data into high quality information. All you need to do now is choosing the right business intelligence data analytic software for your business.

Jasmine Anderson