A Closer Look At The 3 Best 800 Number Services For Small Business

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Are you looking for the best 800 number service for small business?To make your business appear more professional, you need to have numbers that are toll-free like 888, 844, 800, 877, 866, and 855. Since many companies provide toll-free number services, we have looked into and compared three of the industry-leading choices to make things easier for you so you can grow your business regardless of where it is located.

1. Phone.com

It is affordable and provides you with monthly payments. You can include texting in phone.com which makes it easier to communicate more effectively. In fact, they provide you with a new phone that is necessary for all VoIP services if you do not want to use your current phone.


– It is compatible with your BlackBerry phone, making it one of the best in the industry.
– It also provides you with international numbers that are not bound to any particular country. It is worth noting that not all countries or networks can reach these iNum numbers. However, You do not have to look for a new number from another supplier or move your business to another country for you to access certain networks.
– It is worth mentioning that phone.com is relatively affordable and their packages mainly cost you only $9.99. Most of their packages include 100 minutes and one number with approximately 4¢ per minute for the first 100. If you want a package that has more minutes, all you have to do is add $19.99 to the $9.99. The basic package provides you with one free app for your mobile phone.
– The forwarding service or scheduled routing is a unique system that allows you to set the particular hours you can receive calls from specific phones.

2. Grasshopper.com

If you are looking for the best 800 number service for small business, you should consider using Grasshopper. Grasshopper is the best solution if you are seeking to grow the image of your company. You can quickly secure a 1-800 number and then route it to any particular number of extensions that you want from anywhere in the world. This works efficiently if you have various departments or employees that don’t use one particular phone.

They also provide you with a mobile app that makes work easier by ensuring that the custom greeting can run quickly and efficiently.


– If you are looking to purchase a package at grasshopper.com, then you should know that the cheapest costs about $12 per month and 6¢ per minute. It is worth noting that on all tiers, the $25 activation fee gets waived. You can, therefore, use the $75 coupon for many months. Other packages cost $24 per month for 500 minutes, $49 per month for 2,000 minutes, and finally, for 10,000 minutes, you have to pay $199 per month.
– For every package, you always get unlimited extensions at grasshopper.com.
– The approach used at Grasshopper is BYOD which stands for “Bring Your Own Device.” Your employees can use their smartphones and you, therefore, don’t have to purchase new phones.
– Faxes can also be used at Grasshopper to create a library from which callers can select documents to be faxed to them.

3. RingCentral.com

RingCentral.com mainly carries out conventional and large operations with ease. Their features are both mobile-friendly and affordable for all entrepreneurs.


– They have an SMS feature which allows you to efficiently send text messages across all devices which include computers, smartphones, and tablets. Texts are sent from the business number provided to you by RingCentral.com, making them appear professional to your clients.
– They also provide you with a choice to work with integration partners like Microsoft Office, SalesForce, and Outlook.
– Their packages will cost you approximately $24.99 per month, but you can gradually upgrade to $34.99 or $44.99. The more expensive a package is, the more capacity of participants you get for the HD video meetings.
– The standout feature at RingCentral.com is the HD Video meetings. You can host up to 1000 attendees, and you can use your smartphone, iPad, PC, Mac, tablets, and iPhone to connect with them.

If you are looking for the best 800 number service to help you grow your business, these three service providers are some of the best in the industry. They provide you with high-quality services to ensure that you achieve all your business goals.

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