5 Great Business Phone Services For Your Small Business

It’s not easy to decide which business phone service is right for you. To let you know about some of the best options available for you and your small business, we’ve made this easy-to-read list.

Vonage Offers Modern Solutions

Voice over Internet Protocol systems enables businesses to place phone calls over the internet, rather than through a separate, dedicated phone line. For small companies, this business phone service is typically less expensive and comes with a number of great features like a digital receptionist and a voicemail transcription program. Vonage’s VoIP phone service does not require a contract, so small business owners can use it to the exact extent that their work requires. In addition, VoIP phone systems will allow your employees to make business calls from anywhere they can connect to the internet.

AT&T Has the Highest Quality

AT&T is easily one of the biggest telecommunication companies out there. Its services are typically seen as second-to-none, especially in terms of call quality. A small business owner would be hard-pressed to find a better deal than AT&T’s pre-packed bundles, which start at about $30 a month. Though a VoIP provides some great on-the-go services for companies that have to rely heavily on making phone calls, AT&T has probably the best all-around business phone service.

CenturyLink Offers a Variety of Options

CenturyLink offers a wide range of services, allowing small business owners to take their pick of the package that suits them best. In partnership with Verizon, customers can even choose smartphone plans from CenturyLink. From as little as $32, customers can have access to unlimited local calls, and Century Link can even provide its own VoIP business phone service to compete with Vonage.

Grasshopper Has the Lowest Prices

One of the most adaptable business phone services comes from Grasshopper, which specializes in mobility. Customers can take Grasshopper all over the place, and the company offers a lot of toll-free numbers that can be fully customized to a small business owner’s needs. Best of all, Grasshopper’s services are remarkably inexpensive, starting from just $12 a month.


RingCentral is a cloud-based business phone service provider, which you can use the service all over. It means this company provides the highest-quality HD video conferencing. RingCentral’s directory system is also incredibly well-built, making it perfect for small businesses that have a lot of departments. Its plans start at $25 a month.

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