5 Cloud Based Video Conferencing Services for Tech-Savvy Companies

cloud based video conferencing services

In a typical workday, the average employee uses 36 cloud based services. Cloud software services are typically accessible from any device with an Internet connection—perfect for today’s geographically distributed workforce. If your company holds video meetings regularly, it may be time to add video conferencing to the list of activities you conduct in the cloud. The following cloud based video conferencing services can quickly and easily improve your video meetings.

Top 5 Cloud Based Video Conferencing Services


This popular provider offers Starter, Pro, and Enterprise membership plans for companies of all sizes. When you set up a meeting with ezTalks, a streamlined invitation process allows participants to join the meeting by entering their name and a numeric key. Once all participants have joined, ezTalks meetings provide high-definition video and audio quality, secure data sharing, and other features such as whiteboard mode and live text chat.


Zoom’s extensive customization options include special membership plans for educational and healthcare uses, as well as a range of standard plans for typical business use. Since Zoom is compatible with all major desktop and mobile operating systems, it’s a great choice for meetings where participants will be using their own devices. For meetings with multiple speakers, Zoom’s dynamic voice detection technology automatically locates the person speaking and displays their video feed to other participants.


The Lifesize platform integrates seamlessly with your existing company software. With built-in firewall traversal and options to connect with common business chat applications like Slack, Lifesize is the perfect tool for companies that use technology frequently. Special features include directory-based calling and end-to-end SoftLayer encryption for every conversation.


Interactivity is the name of the game with Cisco’s version of cloud based video conferencing services. The video display recognizes and responds to the type of media being shown, providing maximum clarity for presenting PowerPoints or videos during a meeting. Participants can contribute their opinions through chat and audience polling features. Cisco’s join feature also allows participants to switch between devices during a meeting without losing connectivity. Three flexible membership plans make Cisco a fantastic choice for small and large companies alike.


This provider offers a wide range of cloud based video conferencing services designed to support video meetings in office and home work environments. Polycom users have the option of sharing a virtual business card that includes their name, location, and title, helping to carry online connections into the physical world. To provide more options for customers, Polycom also maintains partnerships with other cloud services such as Zoom.

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