Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

motorcycle insurance

Motorcycles are great for visiting new cities or moving through town. Unlike cars, they can easily penetrate traffic jams, making them ideal for running errands and traveling short distances. There are various motorcycle insurance coverage options available to help you protect your investment. Most covers are similar to the standard auto insurance and basically protect the motorcycle and its passengers. 

Popular Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Options

a) Collision insurance – collision insurance covers any damages to your motorcycle following an accident or collision, regardless of whether it was with a vehicle, another motorcycle, a building, or a tree. Most collision insurance covers do not include deductibles.

b) Comprehensive insurance – this coverage pays for damages caused by something other than collision. It could be flooding, theft, vandalism, or wind. Comprehensive covers also include damages caused by animals. The cover can provide repairs up to your bike’s cash value and you can choose a deductible.

c) Medical payments – medical payments coverage is ideal if you do not have enough health insurance to cover medical expenses following an accident. It mainly covers medical bills for injuries suffered but does not include lost wages or other expenses. Medical payments insurance is only available in selective states.

d) Uninsured/underinsured – this option covers bodily injuries and damages caused when an uninsured or underinsured driver is at fault. Different states have their own regulations and requirements for such motorcycle insurance coverage options.

e) Personal injury protection – PIP insurance covers medical bills for injuries suffered following an accident regardless of who is at fault. Some states don’t allow PIP covers to be sold to motorcycle owners because the rate of accidents is much higher than car accidents.

Additional Motorcycle Insurance

Insurance companies are known to provide various add-on options to gain a competitive edge or create a recognizable trademark. Some firms may also choose to have such options among their core covers. These include:

  • Trip interruption coverage – covers lodging, food, and transportation expenses incurred when your motorcycle is disabled in an accident
  • Custom parts, accessories, and equipment coverage – offered to include custom parts and accessories; this is perfect for riders that love to pimp their bikes with custom parts such as chrome tires and personal touches
  • Roadside assistance coverage – covers costs related to towing and other labor costs incurred in the event of a breakdown
  • Rental reimbursement – this cover may be important if you need to rent another motorcycle while yours is still under repair
  • Trailer coverage –covers damages to both motorcycle trailer and off-road vehicle trailer

Insurance for Destroyed or Stolen Bikes

The aforementioned motorcycle insurance can help you recover medical bills and repair costs, but what do you do if your motorcycle gets destroyed or stolen. There are three main ways insurance companies handle destroyed or stolen bike cases. These methods include a settlement for actual cash, stated amount, and agreed value.

You can choose actual cash settlement, which basically pays for the current value of your motorcycle. It does not include deductible or depreciation. The second option is stated amount, which is usually determined at the time of buying the policy. The last option is agreed value, which pays the amount you agreed on with the insurer.


When shopping for motorcycle insurance coverage options, choose credible insurers that can guarantee fast response and convenience. There are several options in the market and each covers a specific area. You can always have more options in your policy to protect both your investment and passengers on your bike.

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