Best Online Masters Degree Education Program

best online masters degree education program

Higher education today has become quite possible to achieve because of the number of options offered. Among these options is the choice to enroll in an online degree. Prospective students today have a vast number of colleges and degree programs to choose from, including the best online masters degree education program. This is because the number of institutions offering online masters degree has risen. Indeed, statistics show that 602 colleges are currently offering close to 13,000 online degree programs.

Online degree programs have become quite common nowadays as they are quite flexible and affordable to many. Quality education at a modest fee has remained quite elusive for many students. However, with the rise of online degree programs, it is becoming possible to achieve it. To choose the best online masters degree education program, one must undertake sufficient research.

Listed below is a comprehensive list composed of the best institutions currently offering online masters programs. This list is meant as a comprehensive guide for any prospective graduate student who may wish to acquire an online degree. Details such as the cost of each program have been provided. The online programs in question range from nursing to computer science. The list composed below is thus meant to assist prospective students to make the best-informed choice of institution or college program to enroll in.

Top 5 Best Online Masters Degree Education Program Options

University of Maryland-College Park

This public institution has a reputation of a top research center. Indeed, the faculty includes winners of both the Nobel and Pulitzer Prizes. It is little wonder that this school is ranked the best online masters degree education program. The University of Maryland-College Park is currently offering 27 online masters programs. The tuition fees for the masters programs begin at an affordable $7,519 per year. To qualify for the online masters degree programs, one should attach proof that their studies have a strong chance of success.

Clemson University

This university is ranked second. It offers 15 online masters programs. Clemson University offers masters degrees to more than 1,000 students from these programs. This institution stands out for the way it works to reduce the financial burden on students. It does this by advocating for the use of Open Educational Resources for online students. Tuition per year is also quite affordable as it stands at only $6,705.

Johns Hopkins University

America’s oldest research university ranks third in the list of top online masters degree programs. It has a wide number of degree programs to choose from; through its Advanced Academic Programs, the institution is able to offer 73 online degree programs. However, John Hopkins University is very selective. At $12,565, its tuition fees per year is relatively high.

University of Massachusetts – Amherst

This is another notable provider of online education. The school offers 14 online masters programs. It is notable for its use of technological support for its online students. Annual tuition fees are $6,900, which is quite affordable for many students. It offers arguably the best online masters degree education program in Massachusetts.

University of Arkansas

Rounding up the top five list is the University of Arkansas. Like John Hopkins University in this list, this school is notable for being a top research institution. The number of online masters degrees this institution offers is quite impressive; a total of 36 online masters degree programs are available for prospective students. At $4,791, this school has one of the most affordable tuition fees for prospective students.

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