Spruce Up Your Living Room by Buying a TV Stand: Top 3 Choices

Not everyone wants to mount a flat-screen on the wall, and that’s understandable. If, however, these individuals want their TV to look a bit more stylish in their living room or bedroom, purchasing a TV stand is an attractive option as it provides not just a stylish way to store their television but a convenient way as well.

When it comes to TV stands, there is much variety out there, but it’s the number of options individuals have that makes buying a TV stand a problematic process. After all, you want to make sure you’re getting the best one for you and doing that requires individuals to push through a sea of options.

This article, however, is meant to aid that process, listing three of the most popular TV stands available for purchase.

1. Convenience Concepts Designs2Go

Convenience Concepts Designs2Go is an affordable TV stand that has an open modern design in addition to 3 shelves, which allows for easier management of cables. There are no tools required to set this TV stand up, making it an ideal choice for new homeowners. There are other benefits of this stand as well, such as stainless steel poles that come with a rust-free guarantee. This TV stand comes in different colours when the customer pays extra.

Keep in mind that for the Convenience Concepts Designs2Go stand, the maximum TV size is 42″. The maximum weight is 100 pounds.

2. VIVO Universal

The VIVO Universal stand is another popular choice, as it’s an all-steel TV tabletop stand with its feet measured at 14-inches. These feet are padded, which means the stand can be put on dressers, desktops, and tabletops. Even more impressive is that the VIVO Universal stand has a thin profile, decorative side plates, and a black matte-finish, all for less than $30 when purchased on Amazon or at Walmart.

Like the Concepts Designs2Go TV stand, the VIVO is ideal for new homeowners as it is easy to set up. The stand itself can hold no more than 70 pounds, and it fits screens that have measurements between 27″ to 55″.

3. Oxford Fold N Snap TV Stand

Last but not least, the Innovex Oxford Fold N Snap TV Stand has a sleek black design and the 65″ TV stand comes with a foldable and scratch-resistant powder-coated steel frame. Like the other stands on this list, the Innovex Oxford is comfortable to step up, requiring zero tools. Prices for this stand can be found for less than $300 when purchased on websites like Rakuten.com.


Finding an affordable price stand is essential, but remember that no matter the price, the size of your TV stand has to be a couple of inches wider than your TV’s base. Start by measuring your TV and then check out the models mentioned in this article!

Featured image: PixaBay