These 5 TV Episodes Prove You Need Business Insurance

There are so many reasons why a business should invest in business insurance, but they can all seem abstract and far off if you haven’t had any major office incidents. To help you visualize what could happen to your business, we’ve turned to different television genres, ranging from comedies to dramas, for some great examples of why you need business insurance.

(If you haven’t watched the episodes mentioned, there may be spoilers ahead, so beware!)

  1. “The Funcooker” – 30 Rock

    In “The Funcooker,” a lot goes down. First, the head writer and protagonist, Liz Lemon, is summoned for Jury Duty. The trial was for a female manager at a store called Mailboxes Plus. The woman’s employees were continuously unruly, disrespectful, and generally unproductive, which drove this manager to set her building on fire. Did it burn to the ground? Did the fire just damage the inventory? Either way, business insurance would help cover the cost of getting that Mailboxes Plus store back up and running again.

  2. “Sucker Punch” – Suits

    Moving away from the property insurance examples, Suits shows oh-so-many great examples of why a business needs insurance. The firm is always working on someone’s behalf to sue a business, but I think that “Sucker Punch” makes the point the best. Years after closing a case, the firm is sued for mishandling the case. Of course, since it’s a TV show, the lawyers solve the case out of court by finding dirt on the company bringing the suit. In real life, that could end up making the situation even messier. No matter how it plays out, business insurance helps you cover the legal costs as well as the costs of any settlements.

  3. “Boys and Girls” – The Office

    Catastrophes aren’t always the result of deliberate malice. Accidents happen, too. Take this example from The Office: In “Boys and Girls,” Michael attempts to use a forklift to retrieve a box from a shelf in the warehouse. Instead of successfully getting the box down, he knocks over the shelf, causing a domino effect that destroys half of the inventory in the warehouse.

  4. “The End Is The Beginning Of The End” – Grey’s Anatomy

    Grey’s Anatomy gives us a less cheerful example of why business insurance is vital. After a devastating plane crash, the doctors (who were on the plane for work) sue the hospital. The hospital is found liable for the accident. The court demands that they pay $15 million settlements to each surviving doctor, which leaves the hospital in near bankruptcy, even with the assistance of business insurance.

  5. “Top Banana” – Arrested Development

    Although a banana stand isn’t a large business by any means, expensive accidents can still happen. Michael puts his son, George Michael, in charge of the banana stand for the summer. George Michael’s cousin works with him and then talks him into stealing from the banana stand. After a while, George Michael panics and burns the whole thing down to cover the evidence. Want to protect your business from your kids? You need business insurance

Photo: Depositphotos/ realinemedia