Best Credit Cards For Business

Want to know what the ideal business credit cards are on the market today? You can use them to pay daily expenses and also to earn cash back rewards and travel miles. You can also use it to build your credit and organize your expenses with tracking tools. It does not matter if you do freelance work or own a physical storefront business, it is always a good idea to have at least one business credit card to use when needed. Below are a few of the best business credit cards you can apply for.

Ink Business Unlimited

With this card you will earn cash back of approximately 1.5% for any purchase you make with the card. You are able to transfer any of those rewards to a qualifying rewards card from Chase Bank. This allows you to increase the value of the original card to 25%, especially when it is redeemed for travel. There is no annual fee and for 12 months, you pay no interest on purchases made. Otherwise, the variable interest rate starts at 13.24%.

Ink Business Preferred

This card has a high sign up bonus amounting to 100K points once you spend $15,000 within the initial three months. The points have a value of $1,250 and you can use it towards any future booked travel as long as it is done using the Chase Ultimate Rewards. The rates of the rewards are excellent; starting at 3 times the points on shipping, travel, cable, Internet, social media advertising purchases, and phone services; just to name a few. There is an introductory APR of 0% and an annual fee of $95.

American Express Business Gold

This business card comes with 35,000 points once you spend $5,000 in the initial three months of becoming a card member. The points on this card do not expire and the user earns four times the number of points on two specific categories in which the business spent the most money per month. To earn up to $150,000 points, it has to be a combined purchase from both categories within a calendar year. The yearly fee on the card is a total of $295.

American Express Business Platinum

This card earns the user 75,000 points once purchases amount to $15,000 within the initial three months of being a card member. In addition, the user gets five times the points on airline tickets and booked hotels; specifically on the American Express travel website. The annual fee is $595.