Types of credit cards

There are 4 types of credit cards that are issued by many financial institutions. All of them have their own unique features as listed below.

Classic Card

As its name implies, this is a conventional credit card. It came to the country since the 1970s and has very good coverage throughout the world. It is designed for people of various income ranges.

Gold Card

This card reached the market in the 1980’s. Its color and the name “gold” that it later acquired have made it relatable to an elegant lifestyle. You can apply for a Visa Gold card, if you have good credit.

Platinum Card

The platinum card made its appearance in the country in 1997. It was designed for a segment of society that has high purchasing power. If gold chose to be associated with elegance, platinum opted for sophistication.

Black Card

This is the most exclusive credit card, as it is aimed at the segment of the population with more resources. The client can make purchases for large sums of money and the card has exclusive benefits.

Virtual Card

This is a 100% virtual card, which is ideal for all your payments online such as music, transport, entertainment and restaurants. You can request the virtual card online from any device. Being digital, the process to request it is simple, easy and comfortable.

Responsible Use

Credit cards are to be used responsibly. Regardless of the types of credit cards, experts agree that good use is key in fiscal responsibility and good personal finance. Keep in mind that, in no case should credit cards make you spend more than you earn. Yes, you may have the money available on a credit card, but you should not lose sight that everything will have to be paid later. Another key aspect is to take into account the cut-off date. This is the date that purchases move from one billing cycle to another. If you accumulate multiple purchases in the same billing cycle, the payments will also be collected.