Best Email Marketing Solutions for Your Business

best email marketing solutions

Email marketing is a fantastic way of getting more people to buy your products and services. This method of marketing is very effective as your product lands in your subscribers’ inbox directly. That is why you should ensure that you choose the best email marketing solutions that aren’t heavy on your wallet but will ensure that your emails are not filtered as spam. Here are some of the best email marketing tools on the market: 

Best Email Marketing Solutions

Constant Contact

This email marketing software is one of the best when it comes to small businesses. If you have just started your business, you can sign up for Constant Contact as it caters well to newbies. This service helps you manage your email contacts, lists, and different layouts easily. They also integrate social media promotion tools and have a 1GB memory space to store your own files.

It is a simple and elegant tool which also provides heaps of support for its users via live chat, as well as support from their online community and a library full of resources and documentation. For those who are entirely new to email marketing, their software team holds online training and local seminars to get you up to speed with the software. It is a priceless tool you can use to boost your sales. The service provides a free 60-day trial, after which they charge a very reasonable price of $20/month.


For all the bloggers and e-commerce websites out there, Drip is one of the smartest and most beginner-friendly email marketing tools on the market. The unique selling point of this service is that it has the most sophisticated intelligent marketing automation tools, which help you segment your emails more efficiently, and many smart tools that help you know your specific audience and market exclusively to them.

Drip also has integration add-on tools for websites like WooCommerce and WordPress that make it easier for you to have email forms on your website that visitors can use to directly subscribe to your email service. With heaps of support from their online webinars, Drip provides a free trial for up to 100 subscribers, after which they only charge you $41/month.


ConvertKit is one of the most flexible and robust email marketing tools on the internet. At a starting price of just $29/month, they offer the smartest services that help you create the greatest impact. An amazing tool for bloggers and writers, this email marketing tool provides a clever segmentation tool that allows you to segregate between your interested customers, and those who have already made the purchase, which helps you to redirect your focus.

This second optonbest email marketing solutions also offers you frequent content upgrades and email sign up forms with incentives. You can send drip emails as well as be able to organize and manage your auto-responders. ConvertKit also makes sure that its users receive a great deal of support by providing email based support and an extensive documentation of all its features and services.


AWeber is one of the most renowned email marketing services. From small to medium sized businesses, this platform has proved to be one of the best email marketing solutions. 

This platform makes it very easy for users to operate on as it is effortlessly compatible with most web platforms and content management systems, including WordPress. With AWeber, you will have access to state-of-the-art email tracking and autoresponders, as well as great management tools to manage your lists and email templates.

The platform provides a great deal of support through all communication mediums, like support via phone, live webinars, emails, and a vast information database of tutorials. AWeber is a tool that is built for success, for small business owners to entrepreneurs. Its automation tools are programmed in order to make it easy for you to launch an automated sequence of emails to specific customers based on behavior, and track your progress. Their plans start from a great price of $19/month with a free-30 day trial to start with.


As it is very important in this day and age to have an automated system that tracks your user behavior and data so that you can optimize your email marketing process, GetResponse proves to be one of the sleekest tools on the internet that allows you to do just that. It is considered one of the best email marketing solutions in the market because it has live webinars that walk you through the entire how-to process.

This tool helps you to build your own smart campaigns to cater to specific audiences using a simple drag and drop tool. You can give your customers an aesthetically pleasing experience with the most exquisite landing pages and responsive web forms. The platform also has great compatibility with the most popular lead generation software like OpinMonster. In addition, you have great tracking tools to track your campaign success. With an amazingly low price of $15/month, you also have a 30-day trial to get accustomed to the software.


Simple and easy to use, MailChimp has the most elegant user interfaces that makes this platform one of the most used email marketing platforms in the market. You can delegate the most mundane tasks in email marketing by using the most well-designed automation tools the service has to offer; this gives you more time and energy to focus on designing your best email campaigns and telling your story.

With great compatibility with popular e-commerce platforms, you can use your purchase data to design customized campaigns for users with specific spending habits. These smart analytics tools help you deal with segregating your contacts, managing autoresponders, and also setting up delivery dates to different geographical locations and time zones when you are serving a global market. The best part about this website is that its forever-free plan allows you to send up to 12,000 emails for 2,000 subscribers. After which the pricing begins from a surprisingly low rate of $10/month. Having the best free plan, it is rated one of the best email marketing tools for non-profit organizations.


This platform is the last on the list of the best email marketing solutions but not the least. ActiveCampaign is an automated framework that makes the creation and communication of email campaigns swift, in order to boost your product marketing. With great automation, sales, and CRM tools, this marketing platform has plans that are worth your time, starting from $9/month. You get great email templates that make your product stand out in your customers’ inbox and support for collaboration with popular software like WordPress; you can also go above and beyond and send a direct SMS to your customers to follow up on your deals.


Great products can be delivered to customers when you have the support of great email marketing tools that customize emails according to your customers’ behavior and needs. You want to make them feel that you know them the best and the list mentioned above are some of the best email marketing solutions to do that.

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