Luxury Crossover SUVs

A crossover is the perfect vehicle that contains enough space to store everything you need, no matter whether you’re going camping, shopping, or taking your kids to school. We’ve put together a list of the 5 best crossover SUVs on the market for 2019. If you’re thinking of purchasing, it may help you.

  1. Mazda CX-9

The Mazda CX-9 2019 is an excellent fun-to-drive midsize SUV. It’s a top-ranking vehicle thanks to its luxury and comfortable interior of exceptional materials, good safety, and predicted reliability ratings. It has agile handling, a composed ride, and quick acceleration. Every CX-9 comes with safety technology, such as its forward automatic emergency braking and blind-spot monitoring. It also comes with entertainment features, such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Other high-tech systems of CX-9 include pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control, and a 360-degree parking camera. No doubt that the CX-9 is a good choice for families and driving enthusiasts.

  1. Infiniti QX60

Infiniti QX60 is a worthy midsize SUV. It has a child’s car seat installed in the third-row seats. With ride comfort, a plush interior, a strong V6 engine, and user-friendly technology, Infiniti QX60 has good performance for long drives as well as daily commute. Although it’s one of the least- xpensive SUVs in the class, it’s a great combination of quality and value.

  1. Subaru Outback

The Outback is certainly a midsize SUV that’s worth it. For outdoors, it has standard all-wheel drive and good ground clearance. For families, its two rows of roomy seats and safety should be appreciated. It has a plush interior, two-row seating that offers enough room to relax, and excellent cargo capacity. Overall, the Outback is a good buy, with good off-road performance and pleasing on-road manners as well.

  1. Audi Q5

The 2019 Q5 is an outstanding luxury compact SUV for performance-minded shoppers. It expertly balances athleticism and comfort. It has agile handling, a composed ride, and quick acceleration. The cabin is loaded with standard features, quality materials, and lots of space for passengers. It has one of the best combinations of cargo and passenger space, safety and reliability ratings, positive reviews, and family-friendly features. Although it has limited foot room for the middle seat and a high base price, it’s still one of the best in the class.

  1. BMW X3

The BMW X3 is an excellent SUV. It’s one of the most athletic vehicles among luxury compact SUVs. With its powerful engines and agile handling, BMW X3 is not only fun to drive, but also practical. It’s expertly the best combinations of seat comfort, cabin and cargo space, and customer-friendly technology. No wonder it’s one of the best luxury compact SUVs for families. Though it’s not a class leader in any one area, the X3 is a well-rounded SUV with good performance and few obvious flaws.

Featured image: DepositPhotos – mtoome