Roadside Assistance

Being stuck by the roadside in a broken car can be a very dreadful thing. And breaking down can lead to unwanted expenses like tow trucks, jump-starts, and hefty repair bills. For anyone who wants to minimize the financial hit, roadside assistance is needed. There are many great roadside assistance services on the market. But which one provides the best bang for your buck? Which one offers the best range of services? To find out, today we will introduce and compare all the famous roadside assistance service providers on the market.

  1. AAA

AAA is the biggest name in roadside assistance. The low price of its basic plan and wide variety of benefits make it the best option for many people. The AAA Classic plan costs $56 a year, or $4.66 a month, just a few dollars more than Allstate’s basic plan. The plan offers free towing for 5 miles. If you get locked out of your car, it reimburses you $50 for the cost of a locksmith. The benefits of this plan are more than that. It also offers identity theft monitoring and membership discounts at hotels, restaurants, and other businesses. There is another plan called AAA Premier, which costs $119 annually, slightly more expensive than comparable plans at other companies. This plan includes 200 miles of free towing, which is double the distance in most premium plans.

  1. Allstate Motor Club

Many people say Allstate Motor Club is the best option for roadside assistance because of its affordability and strong collection of services and benefits. Its Roadside Advantage Plan costs just $52 annually, the most affordable plan on the market. The plan includes $100 worth of roadside assistance. Hence, if you get locked out of your car, need a tow, or run out of fuel, Allstate will dispatch assistance and reimburse you for up to $100 of the cost. The Platinum Elite Plan costs $99 a year, about $20less than average for premium roadside plans. It includes over $250 worth of reimbursement. For anyone who needs a long tow, the Platinum Elite Plan is the best option. In conclusion, you have two reasons to buy roadside assistance from Allstate. Firstly, it has the least expensive basic plan. Secondly, the reimbursement covers both fuel delivery and locksmiths.

  1. Good Sam

The most attractive feature of Good Sam Roadside Assistance is its unlimited towing. Plus, it offers unlimited jump starts, fuel delivery, and locksmith services. The price of Good Sam is a little high. Its standard plan costs $80 a year. And the Platinum plan costs around $115 a year, which includes discounts on hotels and rental cars. Both plans cover all the customer’s vehicles and family members, while other company’s services may require extra to add more people. But it has a drawback. Some of its services are not available in certain states.

Featured image: DepositPhotos – cookelma