5 Great Password Management Software Solutions

In today’s technology-driven personal and professional landscape, people are expected to do a lot of password juggling. Between social media accounts, email accounts, smartphones, banks, and log-ins, the average person is expected to have at least a dozen passwords. If your work involves a lot of time spent online or using software programs, you’ll likely have two or three times as many passwords as other people.

But passwords are a necessary part of keeping our information safe. In order to ensure that you’re doing all you can to protect yourself, you can’t use the same password for all your accounts. That’s why password management software was developed. This software does the password remembering for you while making sure that security is as tight as ever. Here’s a list of the best software solutions you should consider getting to help you manage your passwords. 


Probably the best known of the password management software solutions, Dashlane is popular because it is incredibly easy to use. It offers tons of features to ensure your passwords remain safe but still lets you switch passwords without much effort. In addition, it enables online purchases through its digital wallet feature. You can conveniently use online storefronts even if you haven’t provided them with your information previously, and you can check your receipts to make sure all purchases are authentic, and that the transactions occurred properly. While the business software requires an annual fee, it’s worth paying to get the best password management software there is.


1Password can be applied to a variety of platforms, including all Apple and Android devices as well as every major web browser. Using excellent encryption methods, 1Password keeps your information behind a vault that can only be accessed by entering your master password or using your identifying feature (a face or fingerprint, traditionally). Like Dashlane, this password management software was designed to be very easy to use without ever compromising your security.


LastPass offers a bevy of attractive features such as free credit monitoring, auto-fill information, information deletion, and two-factor authentification. It even allows users to establish multiple identities to individual employees using the same device. LastPass is also cloud-supported, meaning you can make use of this password management software on different devices so you can take your work home with you if needed. While the free service is still great, we’d recommend making use of the premium service to make sure you’re getting the best features and staying up to date with the latest innovations in password protection.

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Featured image: DepositPhotos – jamdesign