Ticketing System Management Software

What is Ticketing Software?

A ticket acts as a documentation of a particular issue, the current status, and other related information in a helpdesk ticketing system. Ticketing software, which is also known as a ticketing system, is a software program that enables corporations or companies to resolve the internal technology support problems by the management of the process of issue resolution. All IT support, human resource, legal, financial, and relevant queries can be stored and managed by the ticketing system.

Advantages of Ticketing Software

If the ticketing software is set up the right way, it can save a large amount of money and time for your company. It is considered as a worthy investment if used properly. Up until now, emails have been used as the preferred medium to raise support tickets in a large company.

For smaller companies, when the employees need IT support, they can just go to ask the internal IT professionals to get their problems solved. But as the company grows in size, it might be difficult for the company to manage the issues or requests from the employees. So there is a need to use a ticketing software or ticket management system to deal with those various requests or issues.

There are several advantages of ticketing software. First of all, the use of ticketing software can give the employee satisfaction. It can deal with the employees’ issues and requests in a timely manner. So the interactions between the employees and customers could become much more efficient, relevant, and personal. Besides, the ticketing system supports multiple channel interactions, which enables the customer to choose their preferred channel to look for IT support.

Secondly, the great benefit of employing ticketing software in a company is that it streamlines the operations of the support team and improves efficiency. In conventional methods of past days, an agent had to shift through several email inboxes, customer databases, and activity logs. Ticketing software gets rid of this inconvenience by incorporating all customer data, ticket status, priorities and labels, and associated SLAs into one place. It also supports different communication channels such as cell phone, live chat, and emails, centralizing them on one platform for the business to get IT support.

Thirdly, a ticketing system can enhance customer retention. The success of a company is not only decided by the number of new customers the company acquires. The important thing is to get them to stick to the company brand. Customer retention is vital in increasing profit. Ticketing software enables businesses to achieve this by strengthening and improving the quality of customer support. When customer support is improved, customers will be happy. This, in turn, improves customer satisfaction and gets the customers to stick to using the products and enjoying the services.

The Best 3 Ticketing Software

  1. HubSpot

This software delivers a 1:1 support experience that delights your users while improving overall team productivity. It is free for use.

  1. Samanage

Samanage empowers support teams to collect, address, and deliver services consistently within your company. The price is $29/month.

  1. HappyFox

HappyFox lets you create and manage assets within your company and the price is $29/month.

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