What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

renters insurance

Renters insurance is an insurance cover that deals with protecting the belongings in your home against certain risks. In some other cases, it also protects properties outside your rental unit.

Insurance cover saves destructive situations and helps people relieve stress during the hard times. According to research from the Insurance Information Institute, many people with homes possess a homeowners insurance but only less than 50% buy renters insurance even though it is a necessity. It should also be noted that the insurance covers cost as little as 15 dollars a month but offer a lot more than you may think. The following is an overview of the renter’s insurance.

Renters Insurance Coverage

The insurance coverage protects your personal belongings in case of robbers breaking into your house and getting away with your belongings. The landlord can only be responsible if you claim he was negligent by failing to offer locks for the windows or doors. If that’s not the case, then you may be responsible for replacing the stolen properties. Renters insurance, in this case, will take responsibility for the cost of replacing what was damaged or stolen. Additionally, it covers risks such as vandalism and fire among other disasters.

Furthermore, it also covers risks against your properties when you are not at home; for instance, any property that you have in your vehicle during a vacation. Renters insurance can also cover your bike if it were stolen when outside a coffee shop or in your house. The details of the insurance policy will determine the amount of money the insurance pays.

Renters insurance also offers a property damage liability coverage where in case, for instance, your kids go out and make damages to your neighbor’s house, all the damages done will be covered. In case you cause damage to your neighbour’s house, for example, if you drive into your neighbour’s house or your overflowing tub causes damages to your neighbor’s house, the cost of repair for these situations will also be covered. 

In addition to that, in cases where the rental unit needs renovation due to damages from fire or rain, the insurance coverage will pay for the costs of a hotel stay. Also, the policy should be responsible in case there is a disaster in your neighborhood and utilities in your house need to be turned off for some time.

It is important to note that the insurance policy does not in any case cover for damages caused by other people or parties to your house. For instance, when someone breaks your window or door and he or she doesn’t have a renters insurance, you will have to use other ways to get compensation.

The Takeaway

In conclusion, the insurance policy is accompanied by coverage limits as different covers take care of different risks, so it is important to know what is covered and not covered by your insurance policy. Additionally, it is for you to choose how much personal property coverage and liability to buy. For instance, you may require 400,000 dollars and 60,000 dollars for liability and personal property coverage respectively. Also, some renters may not offer certain disaster coverage depending on their locations, for instance, the California and Florida renters do not offer protection from earthquakes and flood respectively.

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