Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

To choose the right cell phone plan, you need to consider two aspects: one is the network coverage, the second is the price. Which type of cell phone plan is better for you depends on your own needs. If you are a busy person and need to make a dozen calls every day, you may like to choose a package that includes unlimited talk minutes and text messages with a very low price. If you don’t need to make too many calls, but often surf on the internet under a circumstance without Wi-Fi, you may prefer a phone plan that includes unlimited data. If you need more control over your phone usage and bills, then a prepaid cell phone plan is right for you.

One of the biggest benefits of a prepaid cell phone plan is that you don’t need to provide anything for a credit check. So you don’t need to worry about your credit score. Another advantage is that you can stop your plan at any time you want.

How to Choose a Prepaid Plan

It will be very easy when you figure out these questions. The first one is to know your monthly budget. The second question: how much data do you need each month? Then, how many calls do you make per month? The last one: how many text messages do you send per month? As long as you are clear of these questions, you can pick out the best prepaid cell phone plan for you. Before you start, make sure that your phone will work with the prepaid plan you choose.

There are two types of prepaid cell phone plans: monthly pay and pay-as-you-go.

Monthly prepaid plans run for 30 days, and you need to pay for the next month in advance. A pay-as-you-go plan has a fixed expiry date from one day through to 365 days. You can choose the date as you like.

The four big major carriers (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint) all offer available prepaid cell phone plans. But you cannot expect one best plan for you at all times. After all, the carriers switch up their deals quite often.


If your area has good coverage from AT&T, then AT&T’s Prepaid Unlimited plan will be your best choice. You just need to pay $50/month. If you choose auto-pay, you can save $5 per month. There are also some basic prepaid cell phone plans that charge between $35 and $85. You can choose the right one according to your individual conditions.


Verizon offers a prepaid Unlimited High-Speed Data plan for $65 per month with autopay. The price is a little bit expensive. But Verizon does provide you the best network and speed. Its Unlimited High-Speed Data plan includes unlimited talk and unlimited text to many other countries. If you need a lot of high-speed data every month, this will be your best choice. But if your data usage exceeds your usage thresholds, you will get 2G speeds for the rest of the month. Verizon also offers prepaid cell phone plans at $35 / month and $45 / month. There are also prepaid family plans to choose.


T-Mobile offers the ONE prepaid phone plan for $70 per month with unlimited nationwide talk, unlimited international text, and unlimited 4G LTE data. You can also get an unlimited 3G mobile hotspot. And you can use your phone in Canada and Mexico the same as you would in America. T-Mobile ONE is a no-contract plan.


Sprint’s prepaid plans are only available for those who have their own phone or purchase a phone at full price from Sprint itself. Currently, Sprint offers a $25 / month plan with auto-pay. This plan includes unlimited talk, text, and data.

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