Follow These 4 Tips When Hiring a Plumber

It seems plumbing emergencies happen when we least expect it, which makes having a dependable plumber on call to stop further damage a crucial thing for homeowners. Whatever the plumbing emergency is — it might be that the sink is not draining, or the toilet is not flushing — do not wait to call a plumber; it will only make the problems worse, frustrating individuals even more.

Choosing a plumber does not have to be a stressful process. It does, though, require some time and effort, thus selecting the first company on Google is not going to cut it. When looking for a plumber, start local, and follow the following tips.

1. If They Don’t Assess the Situation in Person, They Aren’t Worth It 

When searching for a plumber, do not take bids from companies online or over the phone. To get a complete estimate, plumbers need to assess the problem in person. If they insist on producing an estimate over the phone, consider that a red flag. Another red flag is if the company charges by the hour, which is not as common. In fact, most experienced plumbers will charge by the job, so homeowners must ask this question during the hiring process. Some plumbers will offer a service agreement, which is worth inquiring about as it gives individual’s coverage in case something else happens that needs attention. 

2. Attendance Matters

When selecting a plumber, things like credibility is essential. That said, having a good record when it comes to appointments is just as important, because, as mentioned, plumbing emergencies must be dealt with as soon as possible. Hire a plumber with a history of turning up to appointments on time; hire a plumber that finishes the job within a reasonable timeframe. The last thing individuals want is to have a plumbing emergency, call a company, and then find out that no one can come out to help because everyone is on lunch break. The plumbing company that individuals hire should have enough staff to cover the hours of the day.

3. Make Sure They Have The Correct Documents 

If, however, the plumber of choice has a history of being on time, but he/she does not have a valid license or insurance, then individuals will have to go back to the drawing board. Always ask a plumber if they have their licenses, and if individuals need additional validation, they can research their license number online. When doing so, individuals can also see if there have been any complaints filed against the company or plumber.

4. Use the Word of Mouth Technique 

Google is a great place to go when searching for plumbing companies, but it is not the only way. If anything, it is recommended that homeowners speak with neighbours and friends to hear about their experiences with certain peoples and companies. Things are no different when it comes to plumbing.


Word of mouth is a great tool, and if individuals go down this route, make sure to incorporate the following tips above: ask friends or family about the plumber’s costs, and if they showed up on time, in addition to the quality of the service.

Featured image: PixaBay