Not Enough Time to Cook in the Evenings? Sign Up For These Meal Delivery Plans

Sometimes we don’t have enough time to cook at home. And sometimes, takeouts can be just a little too expensive and a little too unhealthy. If you’ve found yourself in this situation more than once, why not consider purchasing delivered meal plans? With meal plans delivered to your doorstep, you’ll save time as meals can be ready in as little as 30 minutes. You will also save money by cooking freshly prepared meals with fresh ingredients. Some plans offer different recipes; if you do go down this route, take the time to learn about which meal plan delivery service best meets your needs.

A popular service is Blue Apron; it offers recipe cards, fresh seasonal ingredients, and a weekly menu, and this means you can select the foods you want to eat each week. Blue Apron has a long list of credentials, and for good reasons. The service offers an economical option for families on the go and for those who can’t commit long hours to meal prep. With Blue Apron, say goodbye to shopping and planning — the service will even give you the right seasonings for each of your meals.

Hello Fresh is another meal plan delivery service, and, like Blue Apron, offers a service that is compatible with those looking to consume nutritious meals throughout the week. Hello Fresh provides essential recipes, each of which is dietician-approved, and fresh ingredients for meals that require little to no prep work. When you use this meal delivery service, you select from ten recipes every week, which means you are not eating repeat meals. Some find the fact that you can pause or cancel your Hello Fresh deliveries to be advantageous as well.

Plated is another popular option for those looking to sign up for a meal delivery service. It is a particularly attractive option for families, as there are plans available for less than $4; these plans serve a family of three or four.

It can be hard to eat healthy, whether it’s due to a lack of time or money. But with meal delivery service plans, issues such as time and money are resolved.

Featured image: GoodFreePhotos