Video Games Can Be Expensive: Try These 3 Free Online Gaming Sites

Sometimes, video games can be just a little too expensive and a little too complicated in terms of setting up. But that’s what online gaming websites are for — and there’s plenty of them out there. Even better, a lot of these websites are free.

With the recent advancements in technology, social media websites now offer the use of applications, which means sites like Facebook now offer a range of online games to play. Websites/games available on sites like Facebook and MySpace include Farmville, Live Poker, Zynga Slots, and Mafia Wars.

Then there are websites like While this site doesn’t necessarily create content, it does give online game developers space to post their games on. The website works like this: begin with a specific type of online game you enjoy, and then scroll through a list on Kongregate to find one to play. This website is ideal for those who like to play role-playing games and tower defence games. is another popular online gaming website, in which developers can be paid to produce games for their site. The websites on tend to be unique, and of high-quality, so it’s an option worth considering.

Video games have their benefits, and yet, they tend to require complicated hardware, making the idea of online gaming more practical and economical. Many games can be found simply by logging on Facebook, and one search on Google can lead you to thousands of games to play.

Featured image: PixaBay