Why Not Have a Destination Wedding? 5 Ideal Destinations

Destinations weddings have seen a surge in fame. And why not? They are a fun way to enter a new chapter in someone’s lives, while providing perks for everyone involved, from guests to the wedding party. For instance, some locations will offer all-inclusive wedding packages, which sometimes include the ceremony and the honeymoon. It’s all about research and finding the package that works best for you. First, however, you have to pick the destination.

Here are five popular locations for destination weddings.

New York is many things, but Lake Placid in the state is another. Surrounded by forests and mountains, Lake Placid is a charming mountain town, ideal for those looking for a winter wedding. Stay at the Whiteface Lodge, and have your own winter wonderland in its beautiful cabin resort.

For those leaning toward a beach wedding, the Dominican Republic is an attractive option. In the heart of the Caribbean, the DR will provide wedding parties with the perfect backdrop: clear water and white sand beaches. That’s on top of rainforest scenery and colourful surrounding towns that will keep guests busy before the real celebration begin. Hawaii is a good option for those wanting a wedding in a warmer climate, as well. It’s also an accessible destination in regards to travel, with there being a handful of direct flights to and from Hawaii. Cabo San Lucas is also great if you want a location that gets sun.

If you want a more traditional destination wedding, consider London, England. With its history, there are various conventional churches that individuals can book for weddings. The nightlife and food scene in London is of high quality as well, making it an ideal setting for guests.

There are many reasons to have a destination wedding, with less stress being a favourite. Take the time to decide on your ideal location, and start with checking out the places above!

Featured image: PixaBay