Looking for Deals on Satellite TV’s? Dish Network Offers Several Packages

When looking for deals on satellite TV, Dish TV offers several, with the company’s discounts and services available across the nation. Dish network offers bundles, which include more than 330 satellite channels that offer sports, broadcast, and general and local news. The majority of these channels are in HD, and a two-year package includes these channels for free. The Dish network packages also include advanced technology such as a free Hopper Duo. A Hopper Duo allows users to record shows/movies from two TVs simultaneously. The bundles also include a free voice remote, and the company’s smartphone application, Dish Anywhere. The app allows users to record or watch shows/movies from a smartphone or tablet. 

Dish TV offers multiple packages, such as America’s Top 120 and America’s Top 200. There is also America’s Top 250, which is suitable for someone who wants everything from sports to family-friendly networks included in their television package. The Top 120 bundle offers 190 channels, in addition to free premium channels, for a combined three months. This package is an ideal choice for families and sports fans, as it includes ESPN. With this package, customers also get more than 28,000 free on-demand titles, which makes choosing something to watch on TV much more relaxed. Per month, the Top 120 bundle is $79.99. Currently, however, Dish Network is offering a discount, altering the price to $59.99

The Top 120 package is the most cost-effective choice, but the Top 200 bundle provides the best value. In addition to the channels that are in the Top 120 package, the Top 200 package offers customers popular channels like Hallmark, NFL Network, Animal Planet, and MLB Network. Customers also have access to the Golf Channel with this bundle, and it comes with a Smart DVR and more than 70 Sirius XM music channels. The package has similar technology to the Top 120 package, including free HD. The regular price of this bundle is $94.99 per month. Currently, the company is offering it for $79.99. 

Now, however, if you want a TV package that has it all, the America’s Top 250 bundle is an attractive choice. Alongside the channels from the first two packages, the Top 120 bundle comes with Encore movie channels and the Movie Channel. The inclusion of these channels makes this bundle an ideal choice for families, sports fans, and movie buffs. On paper, the Top 250 package provides a total of 290 television channels and 17 movie channels. It also comes with free premium channels for a total of three months. Per month, the regular price of this bundle is $104.99. There is a discount on the package currently, putting the value at $89.99, and for two years, the price is locked in.

Featured image: PixaBay