Benefits of Yoga

Apart from being incredibly relaxing, Yoga has several benefits as it rejuvenates the soul while improving flexibility and building muscle. It’s not a form of exercise that leaves you tired afterwards, either. If anything, yoga leaves you feeling great, having boosted your energy and improved your health. A yoga workout will leave you sweating, ridding your body of toxins. It’s the perfect aerobic and anaerobic workout, warming your body and muscles, as well as getting your heart rate up. Long-term effects from continued yoga sessions include weight loss, improved respiration and metabolism.

Deciding to take up yoga is the easy part. Things become more complicated when choosing the right style of yoga, as there are dozens to try out. Sometimes, the best way to figure out which style of yoga works for you is through the process of trial and error. You may decide to try Bikram, which is a popular yet new form of yoga. This type of yoga is said to be ideal for beginners, as there is leniency when it comes to the structure of poses. We can compare Bikram to hot yoga, except that hot yoga involves a heated room, increasing the amount of sweat during the session.

Something even newer than Bikram is Anusara, which is a form of yoga meant to encourage quality of life. Anusara strives to bring out an individual’s inner goodness; the hope is that that goodness will reflect on the outside after the session.

There are additional types of yoga, such as restorative yoga and vinyasa. The latter focuses primarily on movement, with the hopes of achieving greater fluidity. Restorative yoga, however, focuses more on relaxation and creating a space that encourages breathing.

After you have decided on the type of yoga that you want to take, the next step is to find a class. Sometimes, though, it’s not a simple process, especially for those living on a budget. With that said, some spaces allow you to find deals on yoga classes. Living Social is one, which shows courses in your area for prices as low as $30 per session. RetailMeNot does something similar, helping you find classes and offering as much as $75 off. Groupon will also let you find courses that fit your price range.

Between the different types of yoga out there, and the sites offered to help you find classes, taking up this form of exercise has never been so easy.

Featured image: PixaBay