Want to Travel Europe or the Mediterranean? Why Not Go on a Cruise?

It’s a big world, and sometimes, airports, train stations, and rental car line ups slow us down. Especially when it comes to Europe and the Mediterranean, there are several countries comprised in one area, each with a unique language and traditions. If this is your target destination and you want to cover a lot of ground, you may want to consider cruise vacations around the Mediterranean and Europe. And there are several to consider.

Here are some of the best.

Cities in Europe were constructed on rivers, and that served several purposes. Now, it allows tourists to see Europe for all of its glory. There are famous European river cruises individuals can select, with the most popular being those offered by Viking River Cruises. With Viking River Cruises, you know you’ll be treated like a King and Queen, with spacious cabins, hotel-style beds, and private bathrooms. European cruises tend to focus on Northern Europe, making the Baltics, Norway, Scandinavia, and the British Isles popular destinations, though not in the winter. These destinations are better suited in the late spring and during the summer months.

Mediterranean cruises will give travellers a radically different experience than that of a European journey. Most cruises will target the following destinations: Greece, Egypt, Venice, and Turkey. Though there are many to choose from, the best cruise for the Mediterranean is the Celebrity Reflection. This cruise serves over 3,000 passengers for a 7-12 night cruise. The Celebrity Reflection cruise offers stops in Istanbul, Rome, Naples, Athens, and Florence. There is also a wide range of activities provided onboard, and various levels of accommodation individuals can select.

European or Mediterranean cruises may not be someone’s first thought when travelling, but they are an efficient way of seeing all that Europe and the Mediterranean have to offer without the hustle-bustle of booking flights and renting cars.

Featured image: PixaBay