Why a Hybrid Cloud Can Provide the Best Storage Security Solutions for Your Business

Hybrid cloud solutions are a great choice for almost any business but are especially suited for small businesses. They can save time and frustration by allowing companies to benefit twice from a single system. Learn everything you need to know about hybrid clouds by reading the following article.

What is a Hybrid Cloud?

Hybrid clouds combine a private cloud platform, which is designed to be used by a specific organization, with a public cloud provider. Both sides of the hybrid cloud operate independently but share information through an encrypted connection. This connection offers a number of storage, security, and other solutions that are important for any business.

Storage Solutions

The first thing to note about hybrid clouds is that the two elements—the private and the public—are totally separate, and therefore offer the best of both options. Companies take advantage of hybrid cloud solutions by storing privileged information on the private cloud while keeping common data on the public provider. This way, companies can continue running operations that depend on common data.

Security Solutions

Among the biggest factors keeping people from investing in a hybrid cloud is the concerns about security. If you move all of your information onto the cloud, don’t you run the risk making that data publically-accessible or susceptible to hackers? 

Luckily, a hybrid cloud can offer impressive security solutions that will actually represent an improvement for most businesses. Because moving data from any one place to another presents the risk of that data being hacked or stolen, hybrid clouds offer state-of-art data protection solutions like communication encryptions (as mentioned above) and firewalls. On top of that, the demands to access the information is often higher through a hybrid cloud than through a traditional, in-office database.

Finally, by storing information on a hybrid cloud, a company is insured against on-premises dangers to information loss, like hard drives being lost or destroyed. These unexpected security solutions are responsible for a significant loss of important data, and can only be avoided via cloud-based computing.

Added Benefits of a Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid clouds promote a business’s communication and connectivity. It integrates flawlessly with important corporate aspects like internal-messaging, documentation, scheduling, data transfers, and so much more. Adopting hybrid cloud solutions for your workplace might be the best business decision you make, as the plethora of advantages will make running your business smoother, simpler, and more effective.

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