Best Unlimited Cell Phone Plans

Unlimited phone plans are so convenient and incredible. Imagine you can have a video call with your friends and parents everywhere, watch a movie, or listen to your favorite songs at any time without worrying about the unexpected high fees of data billing when your cell phone plan is overdrafted. You can save a lot of money and enjoy more pleasure at the same time. That’s why unlimited plans are so popular and carriers won’t miss this opportunity to offer their unlimited plans. In this review, we will introduce the most popular unlimited plans from three different companies.

  1. AT&T: Best TV & Wireless Bundling

Not only does this plan have unlimited data, talk, and text, with the partnership with DIRECTV, AT&T’s unlimited plans are great deals for the people who want to bundle their wireless plans with internet and TV together. It’s easier for you to simplify various network bills while also enjoying a slew of discounts and perks. Prices for these plans are a little bit high, but the network reliability and the coverage are excellent. The con with their cheapest unlimited plan is that the data limit is 22 GB, which is just half of T-Mobile’s. In order not to go over your limit, you should reduce some media browsing that requires the use of a lot of data in places without WIFI. For more plan details, check out the official website of AT&T.

  1. Verizon: Best Coverage & Speed

Verizon is widely regarded as the best carrier in the U.S. for network speed, reliability, and satisfying performance. It has a higher price compared to its competitors, though. Verizon’s basic unlimited plan starts at $70 and there are no guarantees of data speeds when there’s congestion, while T-Mobile’s basic unlimited plan is just $60 for one line, with data speed of 50 GB. Though more expensive, you can’t deny that Verizon is always at the forefront of new technology.

  1. T-Mobile: Best Cost & Perks

T-Mobile offers decent pricing and extra perks and features to increase its competitiveness. When in a high-traffic time, its lower-priced plan won’t deprioritize your data speed either. The best thing is its promissory flat-rate, with taxes/fees already included in the plans. T-Mobile ONE Plus is a worthwhile unlimited plan that offers unlimited talk, text, and 50GB of data in over 210 locations, free Gogo in-flight texting and surfing, and at least two lines free on Netflix accounts. Outside the plan, there are also discounted movie tickets, the chance to win prizes, and other activities and perks on its T-Mobile Tuesday app. However, the network coverage of T-Mobile in rural areas is weaker than AT&T and Verizon, so before choosing T-Mobile, you should check the network in the place you stay most frequently. Check more T-Mobile plans on its website.

When looking for the best unlimited plan, don’t forget to compare the most important factors: reliability, coverage, and speeds. Through this brief introduction, you can get more information about the unlimited plans of AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. Each carrier and plan has its own benefits and drawbacks. Hope this article can guide you to find the best carrier for your needs.

Featured image: DepositPhotos – SIphotography