What Is Field Service Management Software?

A field service management software is a cloud-based tool that connects offices to the field. It is a system that helps manage the company’s on-site resources by providing optimized solutions. The onsite service management software organizes the business by providing different functions with real-time updates to internal and external stakeholders. One of the main requirements of field service software is “mobility”. These companies use field service software to provide mobility to their field resources and improve communication with field workers to simplify processes.

The field service management APP provides customized end-to-end management for the company’s on-site service operation. The basic module of the onsite service management APP is automation that helps inherit powerful mobile solutions. In order to understand the work and functions of the on-site service APP, it is important to understand how each of the five modules works, operates, and interacts.

  • Order management

A good field service software should help the enterprise internally manage the creation, distribution, execution, and closing of site work orders. The enterprise should be able to manage and monitor service requests to ensure that they are addressed in the SLA commitment. This keeps customers happy to create new revenue opportunities and achieve superior customer satisfaction.

  • Inform administrator

All notifications are displayed on the employee or on-site service mobile APP to help the employee immediately respond to specific events/actions. The field services software enables the following functions: visualizing notifications in the mobile device list, quickly identify and respond to priority and scheduled requests, full status control of real-time updates, capture new notifications directly on-site and in real-time, and visual files and other types of attachments.

  • Execute orders

The field service management APP can help the on-site executive to fully understand the assigned work, its geographical location, logistics requirements, and equipment. The best field service management APP enables the following functions: view orders assigned to field technicians and view their details, display orders in a list view, integrate with maps locally and be able to view geological location directions, check past events for enhanced order execution, guide the execution of tasks, strengthen and effectively control time and materials, and view inventory and details in real-time. Prior knowledge of inventory status can help field operators improve the first time repair rate.

  • Delivery certificate

Delivery certification modules help improve customer satisfaction, eliminate paperwork, and reduce the amount of time spent on the phone with customers due to customer self-service options.

  • Feedback and evaluation

The feedback and evaluation module is another wonderful module provided by the perfect field service management software. It helps companies build trust between customers and facilitate employers to evaluate the quality of service provided by their field service supervisors. This can be a two-way process. Customer evaluations of the services provided and employer evaluations. In both cases, it helps to evaluate employees.

Thus, these are the five basic modules of a field service software that help organize business through real-time updates to provide different functions. Depending on the specific industry type and individual requirements of the workflow, these modules can be customized to suit your business point. It caters to the specific needs of your organization, leading to a more efficient workforce and better growth prospects. Increased productivity and profitability of on-site service software will certainly improve overall customer satisfaction!

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