Investing in Gold? Look at These 3 Gold IRA Investment Companies

Gold investing is among the many strategies used for long-term wealth building, in part because gold is an asset that usually holds its value during market fluctuations. Gold IRA investment companies is an option to get you started, as it helps individuals store, buy, and sell gold investments. Most people prefer a gold IRA over a traditional IRA because it holds its value and will never have a value of zero.

Investing in any asset requires research, so make sure you weigh the pros and cons before making the decision. To help, however, we have compiled a list of the top three gold investment companies based on reputation.

1. Royal Assets 

Using a gold IRA can also help you in rolling over conventional IRAs, 401(k)s as well as retirement fund account balances into gold investment accounts. One of the best for doing so is Regal Assets. This top player is known for being dependable, safe, and reputable. They also rate well at the BBB, which is something individuals should not consider lightly. Offering a free rollover kit, Regal Assets tries to make the process of gold IRA rollover an easy process for new investors. The rollover kit includes the following: a documentary about how the gold IRA market works and about the Federal Reserve, and a 2013 copy of Forbes Magazine that has a feature of on them. The rollover kit aims to help prospective investors understand the gold system better before committing to it. Though, there is a slight requirement: Regal Assets do ask for a minimum deposit of $10,000. Note, however, that the company does offer waived fees in the first year.

2. Advantage Gold 

Advantage Gold is another gold investment company that offers beginner investors support when it comes to 401(k)s and gold investments and IRAs. Instead of taking advantage of newcomers — some try to sell collectible coins which allows them to earn higher commissions — Advantage Gold puts your education on your options at the top of its list. It’s important to mention, however, that the company asks for a minimum investment for the first-time investor of $5,000. They do, though, offer buybacks and flat fees.

3. JM Bullion 

JM Bullion is known for dealing with copper, but it also specializes in silver and gold investments. Based in Dallas, JM Bullion offers a full-service package with an IRA program aimed at helping individuals prepare their savings. Limited time discounts can be found on their website for purchases, which can be made by personal check or wire transfer. JM Bullion is highly credible, with an A+ rating with the BBB. They have a minimum investment of $100.


If you’re interested in long-term strategies for increasing your wealth, investing in gold is one way of doing this. That said, every asset comes with a sufficient amount of risk; that’s why you have to do ample research before committing. And that includes the gold investment company you hire.

Featured image: PixaBay