How To Choose An App Developer

Nowadays, there are more and more portable devices available on the digital market. These devices, with professional software about travel, shopping, files sharing routines, and efficient business systems, provide full access to various tools, which makes our life more easier.

Whether you need to build a gaming or entertainment app or want to bring an efficient solution to life, you will need experienced developers. However, finding the right app developer is not easy. Many agencies provide app development services. Their goal is to find the right specialist who can make your idea come to life in a professional way. The best option is to hire a professional development team, which will help you save money and time.

Types of App Developers

There are four main types of developers.

Boutiques. These studios can be a two-person team. They just take on a few projects and deliver high levels of polish. They also tend to be specialized in particular types of apps.

Freelancers. You may find one person who is willing to do everything (like designing, coding, testing, and publishing), but the truth is the people who can do all of these and do these well are few and expensive. However, it is possible to build an app with freelancers.

Enterprise (in-house). Generally, large companies do everything, including app designing, building, testing, and publishing. They are more likely to require the largest budgets and their designers are mostly employees.

Enterprise (outsource). The difference between these and the companies above is they employ freelancers to develop your project. These will be more flexible.

Broadly, boutiques prefer freelancers, while enterprise-level companies tend to cost more and have the strongest means to develop your app.


There are two major platforms – Android and iOS.


The price of app developing depends on whether it’s running on Android or iOS or both, on how complex it is, and on the developer you choose.

How to Choose an App Developer

There are many factors you should consider when you choose an app developer. The first one is your budget. You should pay attention to the developer’s portfolio and reviews.

Review Portfolios

When you select an app developer, you can check their portfolio. You’ll want to choose the person who has experience in your field.

Check Their App Reviews

Check the user reviews of any published apps from the developer is a good way to learn what people think of the studio’s/developer’s work.

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