Compare Top Online Cyber security Programs

It is known to all that cyber security has become more significant in nowadays’ life. You will not spend a week without seeing a new headline about the latest cyber intrusion or cyber security incident. Meanwhile, Cyber security jobs are on the rise. Professionals in internet security are needed increasingly. Only a bachelor’s degree is required in most cyber security jobs. Some schools offer independent cyber security courses, while most offer a broader profession like criminal justice, network management or information technology.

Here, we are going to compare top accredited online cyber security programs for you before you choose a distance learning program for you or loved ones.


  1. Western Governors University 

WGU is an online school with career-related bachelor’s and master’s degrees, including teaching, nursing, IT, and business, designed to give professionals a chance to receive online college education in their busy lives. The university sets up its courses under the capital injections from the National Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security. Students can not only gain the integrated knowledge which meets the requirements of such industry, but also the knowledge required to take the certification exam organized by CompTIA and the International Information System Security Certification Consortium.

The degree program totals 120 credits, including following core courses such as IT applications, web development foundations and information system security. Students will also learn business topics, for example they will take on project management class, technical communication class and information security management class. Distance learners can earn their bachelor’s degree in 6-18 months. It requires a 3-year work experience for admission.

Tuition: $3,225/term


  1. Colorado State University-Global Campus

CSU Global is the first independent, 100% online state university accredited regionally in the United States, which is focused on achieving working professionals and non-traditional students. Classes begin every four weeks. Classes is organized by industry experts, that is why employees recognize the CSU Global name. CSU Global’s undergraduate certificate in network security is planned for IT professionals or those interested in the IT field. It offers the opportunity for students to be qualified with a certification.

To earn an accredited online cyber security degree, a student need at least 120 credits. Distance learners can earn their bachelor’s degree in two years. It requires a 2-year work experience for admission.

Tuition: $350/credit


  1. Liberty University

Liberty University is a private nonprofit university with no standardized testing which was founded 1971. 100% network computer science cybersecurity degree from the Liberty University allows you the abilities and skills that are needed in this growing field.

The 120-credit degree program includes following core classes: programming, web architecture and development, and business data communication systems. It may lasts three years and a half in the whole course.Distance learners can earn their bachelor’s degree in 3.5 years.

Tuition: $390/credit


  1. University of Illinois at Springfield

The University of Illinois at Springfield (UIS) was founded in 1969 as a state university. UIS has more than 5,400 students enrolled in 27 undergraduate and 20 graduate programs now. Their courses offer two bachelor’s degrees in computer science and information systems security.

Students should obtain a minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale with at least 2 semesters’ Java programming experience. The program lasts 4 years with total 120 credits.

Tuition: $305/credit guaranteed; $359/credit non-guaranteed

“ Cyber Security jobs are expected to grow 12 times faster than the overall job market. This degree will provide you with the skills and knowledge to be part of the cyber security protection and prevention workforce and open up a lifetime of professional opportunities.” Said Frank J. Monaco, Colonel. Cyber Security Teaching Faculty Member, Charter Oak State College. With the certification of cyber security degree, you are well armed with powerful skills. In this digital world, the importance of cyber security cannot be ignored. So, may all the suggestions above be helpful.