The Career Outlook Of Online Data Analytics Degrees

We live in an age surrounded by various data, thanks to the development of the internet and information industry. Big data has played an important role in the tech world today. Enterprises and companies are paying more attention to using data analysis tools to explore business opportunities, predict possible future risks, and guide, and optimize business decisions. Insights into data can make businesses become smarter and more efficient. As data analytics becomes a new source of competitive advantage for enterprises, the need for jobs and professionals in this field is rising rapidly. That is why a data analytics degree is considered as a ticket to the high-paying jobs.

In a data analytics degree program, you can gain the skills of SQL, Python, SAS, R, data visualization skills, and more. And it also brings you a wide range of career options.

  1. IT Systems Analyst

Systems analysts require the skill of analyzing, designing, and solving system problems. They specialize in information technology. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), jobs for IT systems analysts have grown at a rate matching the national average. IT systems analysis can be a well-paid and stable job for candidates from a data analytics degree.

Average Base Pay: $68,298 / yr

  1. Data Analytics Consultant

Analytics consultants formulate market strategy correctly and timely, they sort through large amounts of information from business users, and analyze this data so that they can provide optimization and solutions for companies. They gather needed data from other business departments and report progress to their administrator. So they need to be cooperative and have great interpersonal communication skills.

Average Base Pay: $81,174 / yr

  1. Quantitative Analyst

A quantitative analyst, or simply “quant,” is someone who develops complex mathematical models to help financial firms price securities and seek out the profitable investment opportunities and problems of risk management. Most of them work in large banks and investment centers.

Average Base Pay: $82,879 / yr

  1. Data Engineer

Data engineers are the people responsible for developing, constructing, and testing data management systems. Data engineers will focus on ways to improve efficiency, reliability, and quality of data. They also need to optimize the process of data capturing and upgrade the infrastructure of the database. Due to the professional level of their work, they are often paid at a high level too.

Average Base Pay: $90,070 / yr

  1. Data Scientist

A data scientist is a comprehensive professional in big data analysis. They collect and analyze data and derive valuable business insights from it. They have the characteristics of multiple jobs, including software engineer, computer scientist, data miner, and trend analyst. They clean, validate, and organize the raw data from structured and unstructured data sources. Professional knowledge is required, such as the application of analysis software, the proficiency of programming languages Python or R, and keen insight into data analytics. Due to the big challenging of this job, it also has a high salary.

Average Base Pay: $118,370 / yr

The jobs mentioned in this article are just the tip of the iceberg of the high-paying jobs related to data analytics. In fact, there are also many competitive opportunities around the globe. Earning a data analytics degree online can increase your competence in the IT field. The high-paying jobs are never too far from you.

Featured image: DepositPhotos – AndreyPopov