Good Study Habits For Better Grades

Habits are just characters that are constantly repeated. They may help one to get higher grades if they are good or get poor grades if they are bad. if your study habit is not helping you to achieve you can always change and acquire better ones. For one to develop good study habits they must first identify the techniques that work best for them and the keep practicing. This may involve trial and error in order to get the best method.

Take Heed Of These Tips And Studying May Become Easier For You:

  • Being organized is very important, one should write down everything they need to do even if they are confident that they will remember.
  • Try as much as possible to stay away from distractions like the computer, phones or video games and concentrate fully on your studies.
  • Always start studying when the assignment is given as the longer one waits the harder it becomes to finish it. Do the long term assignments on a daily basis and avoid procrastination.
  • Teenagers need up to 12 hours of sleep, so always be in bed early for sufficient rest. This helps you to be alert during the day and also good for your health. Go to bed early.
  • Have a healthy breakfast. Avoid foods with a lot of sugar, they will give you energy for a short while then suddenly you get tired and feel sleepy. This will affect your concentration in class.
  • Be attentive in school. This involves listening carefully in class, asking questions where you don’t understand, and think how useful the information you are getting can be to you.
  • Use a study timetable and stick to it. This will help you to plan ahead, on the task to be handled each hour of the day.
  • Use flashcards to help you memorize lists of facts. Keep these cards well for your revision and use during your free time.
  • Study with your friends. Discuss the topics that you find difficult. Ask each other questions in areas that are not clear. You may also take turns reading a book or have a question and answer session.
  • Trying to study hard the night before the exam is not advisable. Instead, try to study small bits of the context over a period of time. One should review what they studied in class every day even before they start doing their homework. It is also good to review what you learned in the previous lessons just before the start the teacher begins the day’s lesson. The best way for one to be successful is to understand how they do their studies. One should be able to update their knowledge every day or minute if possible.

Others include factors of good study habits include:

  • Taking neat and accurate notes
  • Prioritizing on what you do with the time and resources you have.
  • Internalizing the content that you read.
  • Create sufficient time for your study.
  • Create a comfortable studying environment
  • In class, have your subject textbook, avoid sitting next to your friends and ask questions where you don’t understand.

Sourced from: ANSWERS

Photo: Thinkstock/ franny-anne