3 Popular Rewards Cards: Make Your Life Easier

As a consumer, credit cards make our life just a little bit easier. However, we aren’t the only ones benefitting from credit cards as traditional banking institutions have also started to receive the goods. For instance, reward credit cards have allowed banks to make more money while attracting new customers at the same time.

There are different types of rewards, but perhaps the most popular on the market is receiving cashback in the form of giving consumers a minor percentage of the cost of their acquisitions back.

In this article, we’re going to look at three popular rewards cards. These are ideal options for anyone who can handle their credit cards wisely.

1. Chase Freedom Unlimited

The Chase Freedom Unlimited rewards card is top-rated, primarily because of its ease of the cashback system. By using this rewards card, consumers can receive 1.5% cash back on every purchase they can. These same consumers are also eligible to be the recipient of a cash bonus, so long as they spend a set amount in three months.

Two things to note about the Chase Freedom rewards card is that there is no APR change after you open an account. That, however, only lasts 15 months following the account’s initial setup. After the 15 months, interest rates then increase, with figures sitting between 16-25%. Overall, cash rewards can be good with Chase Freedom, and there is no annual fee for the rewards care. Do, however, remember to opt into the program every quarter so you can receive the 5%.

2. Capital One and Venture One 

Most people recognize the advertising campaign from television, which is why Capital One and Venture One rewards card is as popular as it is. In addition to offering cashback on all purchases, the Venture One card is also great for those looking to get bonus miles after a certain amount of spending. Miles can be earned that aren’t related to travel, too, which allows the appeal of this rewards card to reach different demographics. As long as you have your rewards card, said miles won’t ever expire.

If you’re looking for a reputable rewards card, the Capital One and Venture One rewards card to consider. After all, it’s a pioneer in the rewards market that has created aspects for travellers, ultimately increasing its market attraction.

3. American Express 

The American Express Cash preferred card is ideal for consumers wanting to get cashback on everyday purchases. Offering 6% cashback at grocery stores, this is the highest cashback provided, making it hard to beat the American Express rewards card. While this reward has a high annual fee, it can easily be made up with purchases. The American Express Cash preferred card has a 15-25% interest rate, with a penalty rate of 30% on late payments.

Featured image: PixaBay