Don’t Fall Victim to Identity Theft: Top 3 Protection Services

Identity theft happens to millions of people every year, with many thieves buying properties or opening accounts in someone else’s name. There are steps individuals can take to avoid predatory criminals, such as hiring an identity theft protection company. Utilizing these types of services means your private information will be secure; it will also save your credit score and prevent financial misfortune.

In this article, we will look at the top three identity theft protection companies. It is strongly considered you look into these companies if you have been the subject of identity theft in the past.

1. IDShield

IDShield is an ideal service for families as it comes with an affordable family option. ID theft protection has a price of $10 per month and an additional $10 to get the whole family covered. IDShield is not only affordable, but it is an easy-to-use service, with various methods of handling ID theft offered and 24/7 consultation any time during the year.

Also, IDShield offers assistance on identifying scams, reading your credit report, and how to go about credit freezes and stolen cards. In case of a fraud attempt, IDShield will alert the user so the issue can be resolved the same day.

2. Lifelock

Lifelock is perhaps the most well-known identity theft protection on this list, as it provides customers with vast high-quality ID theft protection services. More importantly, if fraud does take place and money is stolen, Lifelock will reimburse you for everything lost. Prediction costs for Lifelock are around $10 per month; there is also an Ultimate Plus plan offered, which has a value of $30 per month.

Lifelock is an option best suited for those who motivated by security when dealing with theft protection services. It’s also ideal because the first 30 days of the service are free, so you have an out if need be.

3. Identity Force

Identity Force focuses on ensuring you don’t fall victim to identity theft by watching your personal information 24/7, so no threats go unnoticed. Identity Force is an all-around time-saving service: it alerts you of possible dangers as soon as they happen via smartphone or tablet, in addition to completing paperwork and making calls for you, so you do not have too.


Identity theft can happen to anyone. So take the necessary steps to protect yourself by hiring an identity theft protection company. Who knows, you may even select one of the companies above. They are, after all, considered to be the best of the best.

Featured image: PixaBay