Depression treatment requires a variety of elements to be brought together so as to bring a sense of healing to the patient. The program must not only be intensive but also effective. Each patient is unique and therefore treated privately. This means that apart from the symptoms registered, possible causes of the depression are also looked into.

Here’s a general approach on how Paracelsus treatment center goes about treating depression:

The first step in paracelsus recovery for depression is to find underlying causes of the condition. These may be psychological, physical, social, spiritual or even biochemical.

Treatment of these causes comprises of an in-depth analysis by qualified specialists. This analysis entails a comprehensive assessment of the patient’s lifestyle and nutritional habits.

Special attention is paid to one’s gut health in terms of parasites, chronic inflammations, and food intolerance. Human guts are connected to their brains in many ways and disorders such as depression may be aggravated by poor gut health.

One on one counseling and therapy sessions are conducted everyday so as to enable the patient to process his depression, especially when it comes to issues such as personality disorders or trauma.

At the center, treatment through medication is usually a last resort. Antidepressants will only be prescribed if the patient is either unresponsive to the forms of therapy, or his symptoms become worse. Supposing the patient does need a dose of antidepressants, doctors will be sure to select medication which is best suited for the patient’s particular condition and the overall genetic parameters.

There are also qualified nutritionists who address food-related habits which are likely to lead to depression. This, combined with a healthy diet that will be prepared by the patient’s personal chef, will be a great step towards the healing process.

A number of relaxation techniques which have proven to help defeat depression are conducted on a regular basis at the center. Such include meditation, yoga, self-hypnosis, and Tai-Chi.

Complementary therapies will be provided so as to keep the patient’s mind as peaceful as possible. Such therapies will incorporate massages, acupuncture, and reflexology. As fitness training is also essential, the patient’s preferences will be put into consideration.

One of the most fundamental steps of depression treatment is the discovery or re-discovery of oneself. The patient will indulge in his hobbies in an effort to return his state of mind to where it was before depression kicked in.

All the patients’ leisure activities will be planned for them during their stay. A personal limousine driver and 7-star service are just some of the luxuries that he will get to enjoy.


Paracelsus recovery for depression is a process that will take time. As long as you have the willpower to go through all of the treatment stages, you will overcome depression.

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