Allergy asthma medicines and medications.

Asthma is a common disease affecting both the young and the elderly. The most common type of asthma is the allergic asthma commonly known as the allergy induced asthma. People suffering from this condition often experience difficulties in breathing following exposure to the allergen responsible for their attack. Allergies develop when ones immune system reacts upon the presence of some harmless substances usually known as allergens. These allergens include pollen, dust, smoke, chemical fumes and air pollution among others. Individuals suffering from this condition need to know the allergens that trigger their attack so as to prevent possible cases of asthma attacks.

There are various treatment options for allergy induced asthma which include the following.

Rescue inhalers (short-acting bronchodilators)

Anytime you visit a doctor following an asthma attack, the rescue inhalers are one of the first allergy asthma medicine that will be administered to you since they are known to work faster in the patient’s body. They come as small inhalers which are portable and one easily have a puff anytime he or she has an attack. Their effect lasts in the body for only 4-6 hours. Examples of rescue inhalers include pirbuterol and albuterol and they work by opening up the airways leading into the lungs.

Inhaled corticosteroids

These medications come in portable devices and are inhaled to prevent inflammation in the airways leading to the lungs. Their effects lasts longer compared to those of the rescue inhalers and are believed to keep the lungs in good working conditions even after future asthma attacks.

Long-acting bronchodilators

This is another form of allergy asthma medicine for allergic induced asthma and they work in a way similar to that of the rescue inhalers only that their effects lasts longer, that is for up to 12 hours. These medications should be used alongside other steroids and should be taken twice a day.

Anti-leukotriene drugs

The most common of these drugs is Montelukast pills which are believed to help in the long term asthma control. They work by shutting down the effects of some molecules known as leukotriene which triggers the inflammation of the lung airways.

Oral corticosteroids

These are medications taken in the form of pills by individuals who have severe asthma attacks and whose rescue inhalers do not seem to work anymore. Prednisone is the widely known form of these medications and it usually works by reducing inflammations in the airways. They should only be taken under the instructions of a physician since they cause serious side effects if taken for a longer period of time and in high doses.

If you are one of the many millions of people suffering from allergic asthma, the above listed allergy asthma medicines and medications will help you counter asthma attacks which in turn help you live an active and full life.

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