Gummy Vitamins Are For Adults Too: Here are the Top Choices

Gummy vitamins are a fun way to meet nutritional needs, and they are not just limited to children. Coming in various forms, such as shapes of animals and fruit gummies, gummy vitamins not only taste good, but they are also easy to buy online and in stores, and they are incredibly affordable.

While there are dozens of options, there are a few standouts, and in this article, we will explore three of them.

1. Yummi Bears Complete Multi

If your child, or you, has unique nutritional requirements, Yummi Bears Complete Multi vitamin gummies are an ideal choice, as the makers consider this fact. A non-GMO vitamin and mineral supplement, Yummi Bears Complete Multi is also free of soy, dairy, and gluten, as well as other allergens. The flavours of each bottle are all favourites with kids and made entirely of natural ingredients like oranges, grapes, pineapples, and strawberries. This brand has been around for decades, standing the test of time. The supplements contain both vitamins and minerals, and a full 90 day supply costs less than $15.

2. Kirkland Signature Adult Multivitamin Gummies 

Kirkland Signature Adult Multivitamin Gummies are another great option, combining minerals and vitamins to support bone health and improved immunity. Flavours come in tropical fruit, berry, and strawberry, and they are water-soluble, making the vitamins easier for the body to digest. Being water-soluble also means the vitamins are taking into consideration the busy lifestyle of adults. No aftertaste, and low sugar content, you can find these gummies on the market for less than $13 for two bottles.

3. Vitafusion Simply Good Adult Complete Multivitamin

Vitafusion Simply Good Adult Complete Multivitamin is priced at $11.86 for a bottle of 120, giving you an affordable all-natural supplement that has no artificial sweeteners and comes in a blackberry flavour. The vitamins themselves target bone health, energy, and immunity support, giving you a healthy dose of Vitamin A & C. The bottles also list all the ingredients, allowing customers to be sure of what they are consuming.


Buying vitamins doesn’t have to be an expensive process. And the vitamins themselves don’t have to have a bad after taste. That’s why gummy vitamins exist.

Featured image: PixaBay