Overview On Sleep Maintenance Insomnia

If you can’t sleep well through the night, you may have a sleep problem like insomnia.

Sleep maintenance insomnia, one type of sleep disorder, is a common health problem.

Over time, insomnia may make your health dangerous. There is some related information that could help you control it.

Common Symptoms of Sleep Maintenance Insomnia

  1. Wake up suddenly and be unable to fall back asleep
  2. Sleep only a few minutes, then wake up
  3. Feel half-awake while sleeping
  4. Wake up briefly, but often, all night
  5. Wake up early, and be unable to fall back asleep

Sleep Maintenance Insomnia Causes

There are many causes. The following are common reasons:

Stress and anxiety: People feel stress, anger, and anxiousness, think, and worry about their problems too much, which will affect sleep quality.

Depression: Depression makes people negative and think about too many bad things. It is difficult for them to calm down to sleep.

Drug Side Effect: Some medications may interfere with sleep.

Stimulants: Coffee, tea, and energy drinks are common causes of sleeplessness.

Chronic Pain: Some chronic pain may cause sleeplessness. Common chronic pain includes headaches, arthritis, asthma, and back pain.

Nocturia: Getting up in the night frequently to use the bathroom could cause sleeplessness.

Light: Bright light in the bedroom may make it difficult to fall asleep.

Manage Sleep Maintenance Insomnia

There are some tips to control insomnia:

  1. If you feel stress and anxiety, you can find the reasons and write them down, which may make you feel better. Additionally, listening to soft music or reading a book is also a good way to make you calm down and go to sleep easily.
  2. If a drug’s side effect is the problem, you should ask your doctor for help. Ask your doctor to help you adjust the use of the drug.
  3. You’d better avoid coffee or other energy drinks in the afternoon. In addition, drink a little water in the night in case you get up frequently to the bathroom.
  4. You can turn off the light or make your room with little light, which will make you more comfortable and fall asleep more easily than in a bright room with the TV on. You can also adjust all the light or other conditions that may affect your sleep quality.
  5. Exercise can make you happy, relax, and go to sleep easier. You can run in the morning and do yoga before sleep. Yoga will make you calm down and have a good sleep.
  6. Make an insomnia diet plan. Drink milk or eat bananas before going to bed. Don’t eat too much food before sleep.

You should consider all of your real situations and follow the related tips. The points 3, 4, 5, and 6 can apply to all situations; we all need to pay attention to them. If you have serious insomnia, you should see a doctor. A doctor will make good treatment options according to your situations.

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