Watch Sport Events for Free on These Websites

You never want to miss your favorite team play, but some games are only available at a price. Thankfully, there are websites you can use to watch the game for free, so you never miss another match. Whether you’re into NFL, NBA, or something else, use these eight sites to watch sporting events free of charge.

  1. Sky Sports
    Sky Sports has been one of the top sports websites for a while. It’s a free source for watching NFL, WWE, F1, and many other sports. Not only does it have live streaming, but you can also see scores of games you may have missed. Additionally, you get up-to-date news on your favorite teams when something big happens. 
  2. Stream2Watch
    Stream2Watch looks basic in design, but it’s a fantastic place to watch live sports. On the homepage, you can see all the current and upcoming games you can watch. The site even has sports such as cricket, snooker, cycling, and more. Of course, you can also watch basketball, soccer, and football games as they happen. 
  3. Watch ESPN
    Is there a better place to watch sports than on ESPN? Watch ESPN streams live sports from around the world whether you love curling, basketball, or football. In the right-hand column, the site displays every current match that’s going on, which you can view by clicking “Watch Live.” 
  4. Batman Stream
    Batman Stream already sounds fantastic with its name, and it’s definitely the stream we want and sports action we deserve. The website itself works differently than the others in the way it finds the streams and directs you to various hosts so you can watch the game for free. The tagline is “we hunt the best streams,” and I’m inclined to agree. 
  5. FirstRow Seats
    Similar to Batman Stream, FirstRow Seats helps you find a stream for the game you want, and the website is incredibly easy to use. If you’re looking for a particular sport, you can click the corresponding category at the top. If you need a sports fix, the homepage displays all of the live games currently streaming, and it gives you the links to where you can watch them. 
  6. StreamWoop
    StreamWoop is customizable and gives you useful information, such as whether a website allows you to use it while AdBlock is enabled. When you search for a game, you can see which site is streaming it, the language, provider, and host. Additionally, popular sports are listed below the search bar so you can see what game is trending. 
  7. FootyFire
    You won’t find every sport covered on FootyFire, but you can find some of the top games. The categories you can choose from include football, tennis, basketball, hockey, motorsports, and rugby. Thankfully, if you don’t see what you’re looking for, there is also an “other” tab for all you hockey, wrestling, and golf fans. FootyFire tells you where you can find the game and whether you need to register to view the stream. 
  8. VIPBox
    VIPBox is a pretty great website that directs you to sources where you can watch whatever sport you want. If it’s played professionally, this site has a stream for it. The only downside is that you have to disable AdBlock to use it—a small price to pay to find your favorite matches. All you have to do is click what you want to watch, and it directs you to active games. 

Featured Image Source: Depositphotos/© monkeybusiness