Why Choose An Online Computer Science Master’s Degree?

  1. Bright employment prospect in network engineering

The employment prospect of network engineering is bright enough. After graduation, students will have the opportunity of joining large domestic or foreign telecommunication service provider companies. They can also work in some communication equipment manufacturing enterprises to carry out technology development.

  1. Bright employment prospect in software engineering

The employment prospect of software engineering is also bright. After graduation, students can work in technology development, teaching, scientific research, and management of software engineering in many software enterprises and institutions.

  1. Bright employment prospect in communication

For students who majored in communication, they can engage in the research, teaching, and engineering of communication technology and electronic technology in the information industry, finance, post and telecommunications, transportation, national defense, colleges and universities, and scientific research institutions after graduation.

  1. To serve the national government

For students who majored in network and information security, their main discipline is information security and network engineering. After graduation, students can be senior professional engineering and technical talents who manage and service computer network system and information security in government, national defense, military, telecommunication, electric power, finance, railway, and other departments.

  1. Shortage of high-tech talents

Globally, society needs more talent urgently in the following eight categories:

  • High-tech talent represented by electronic technology, biological engineering, aerospace technology, marine utilization, new energy, and new materials
  • Information technology talent
  • Mechanical and electrical integration professional technical personnel
  • Agricultural science and technology talent
  • Environmental protection technical personnel
  • Bioengineering research and development talents
  • International trade talent
  • Lawyer talent

With the development of science and technology, the structural contradiction of software talent has become increasingly prominent. There is not only a lack of high-level system analysts and chief project designers but also a large number of personnel engaged in basic development.

  1. CNC talent demand is increasing

The demand for numerical control talent has increased. The blue-collar numerical control technical personnel refers to the specific operation of numerical control machine tools by technical workers. 70.2% more of them will be needed in a numerical control enterprise. They are the largest demand for CNC workers. With the modernization of the factories, CNC talent demand will increase significantly.

  1. Software talent demand is increasing

The demands of talent in information computer, microelectronics, communication, and other electronic information professional fields is huge, but graduates are in short supply. Generally speaking, the employment market for electronic information graduates is very promising, and will continue to be popular in the future 10 years. Network talent is popular gradually, which are mostly needed in the following three kinds: software engineering, game designing, and network security.

  1. Advanced software development becomes mainstream

The students majoring in computer science and technology need to learn mainstream computer software development technology, software engineering, software project process management, and other basic knowledge and skills. They need to get familiar with advanced software development tools, environments, and software engineering management methods. Students also need to be trained to master software design and project implementation capacity. They will finally become senior applied talents in the field of professional software engineering.

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