Do You Need Dog Insurance?

dog insurance

Dogs and humans have an immemorial coexisting relationship together. Researchers have yet to provide the specific period when this relationship began but it is believed to be over 14,000 years ago. Over the years, the roles of dogs in our lives have evolved from being our protectors and hunting buddies to being our companions and friends. In recent times, the bond between humans and dogs has deepened so much that some people consider them as part of their family.

No doubt, dogs have a special place in our hearts and their roles in our lives cannot be underestimated. It is therefore important that we protect them from the eventualities of life. This is where dog insurance comes in. These policies come into action to lift the financial burden that might be involved when our loyal companions fall ill, become lost, or get injured. They give us a peace of mind when we are faced with huge unexpected veterinary bills. It is therefore important to understand what these policies are and what benefits we can expect from them.

So what exactly is dog insurance?

This type of insurance provides the necessary financial safety net that we need when our beloved pets fall ill, become lost, or get injured. They also offer financial assistance, such as paying for boarding kennel when you are ill, or covering for third-party property damage when you are faced with a liability case. Should you lose your pet for whatever reason, the insurance will cater for the advertising costs.

Do you need it?

Many dog owners can attest to the level of trouble that their furry friends get into. From injuries during aggressive play to territorial fights to chasing the postman down the block, the list of mischief is endless. This means that the veterinary and liability claims bills might also grow exponentially, leaving you in financial distress if there is no insurance in place. Additionally, your pet might be involved in an accident or might fall ill, resulting in huge unexpected medical bills which are usually better handled by an insurance policy. Even though the premiums paid for dog insurance might be high, they should be weighed against the likelihood of you making a claim.

For instance, pedigree and old dogs usually have a higher claims rate. Some dogs might require specialized treatment as they age, such as retrievers and bulldogs. Hence, it is usually a good idea to buy a cover for them while they are young in order to avoid a particular illness being classified as a pre-existing condition and therefore outside the scope of cover.

What is covered?

This type of insurance will provide cover for expenses such as boarding kennel for the dog while you are ill, veterinary costs for the treatment of injuries and illnesses, any of your dog’s travel-related incidences in a listed country, costs involved while advertising for a lost or stolen dog, compensation for costs involved while cancelling a holiday to take care of your sick pet, and dental care, which might be a standard feature of the policy. You could also get multiple pets coverage should you wish to have all of your pets covered under one policy.

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